Men – Show me your manbag – Be proud, covet thy manbag

For many years I have used a ‘manbag‘, this is a sacred item. It goes everywhere with me.

In it is an essential collection of logo designer paraphernalia ranging from a A4 boxed ruled sketchpad, one large soft leather moleskine, a small Helvetica Moleskine, a range of pencils, pens, erasers and sharper, my iPod Nano, a Lumix DMC-TZ7, my latest reading book, dog poop bags, earphone foam replacements eartips, some moisturiser (I live on the coast and damn, that sea and wind really dries my face) and maybe some dog chews. Oh, and usually a bottle of water.

I realise I probably have quite a lot in mine. I am out and about every day, working from home does have it’s advantages, and a lot of my work can be done anywhere I have a pencil and pad. And when the iPad is available, this could also be part of my ‘manbag’.

This is Dan. Dan has a very special relationship with his ‘manbag’. He who covets his ‘manbag’.

Men – A call to action

So anywho, I asked on Twitter who else used a ‘manbag’ and there was a pretty impressive collection of replies. Ever curious to know that lies within the cosseted confines of other males ‘manbags’ I have put this request together.

Email in a photo of your bag and it’s contents, with a ‘detailed’ written description of each item. Supply name, website and Twitter ID, then I will post a list of said submissions. And as men, we can all marvel at our fellow ‘manbags’, possibly getting inspiration and examples of how we can make our own ‘manbag’ a more full filling and useful experience.

Email to :

It needn’t be specific to being a creative, if you have a ‘manbag’, defined as any type of regularly carried bag, shoulder bag that carries more than just your lunch, a bag that is permantly attached to you and not just a work bag. If you go out for the day, will the bag come with you? If you walk the dog, do you also walk the ‘manbag’? If you go man shopping, taking in a coffee maybe, will your ‘manbag’ be with you? If so,  feel free to send a photo it.

I shall of course divulge photographic proof of my own man bag.


Written by: Graham Smith: The Logo Smith
1st Posted: 2010/05/16 & Post Updated: 2014/05/09
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