Meet the ‘RandomCritter’ Logo Mascot

Random Critter Logo

So, what do we have here.

During the last giveaway, I came up with the phraseRandoMonster as a means to put a small personality onto the picking of random names for the various giveaways. I have used RandoMonster several times in passing and this morning, decided to just take it a step further and create more of a presence rather than just a name.

So yesterday i just knocked up a little fun logo as a mascot. The little critter was a character I actually had doodled last year and have been looking for a way to use him. Now I have.

You know, its not serious, just a bit of fun, something for people to relate the randomness of the giveaways with. And yes, I did create that masterpiece of phantasy art.

So here we have RandomCritter, this is the chap responsible for plucking winner from randomness.


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