Matey Typeface – Free Vector Format for Immediate Download

Beta Matey Vector Font

Stumbled on this font in Behance just a few day ago. It’s super stylish font and can see some uses for this in a few specialised logo design projects. I try to avoid the many free font websites due to the sheer volume of dodgy and overused quantities of free fonts.

Being a freelance logo designer, finding quality and unique ‘free’ fonts for that next logo project can be a struggle. Whilst there are 1000’s available, many are poor in quality and feel. Finding those ‘special’ free and open-source fonts is something of a past-time for me.


It’s still in beta and only available as a vector file of characters. Reading the comments on Behance, they are a few small issues with some of the characters looking similar. But if you are selectively using letters for a short name in a logo, then I can’t see any reason why this would cause an issue.

I emailed Filip to enquire if this ‘Matey’ was available as a proper installable font but sadly, as of this moment, it only exists as a vector character set which you can download.

Download Matey Typeface by Filip Matějíček


Written by: Graham Smith: The Logo Smith
1st Posted: 2009/03/25 & Post Updated: 2014/05/09
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