LoveHelvetica Logo Design – The possible Winner?

LoveHelvetica Logo

If you have come to this post wondering what the blazes all this is about, then if you head over to my Posterous blog: you will see a number of posts relating to logos. All to do with the wonderful typeface, Helvetica. You can start at : 1st Attempt at logo for and make your way through each next version up and till Version 7c.

Some tweaks

I have made some very subtle tweaks to this logo design. Three changes all in all. If you compare past versions, looking at the ‘c’ and ‘a’ specifically. Notice anything?

So this ‘could’ be the final version, given the feedback so far. But there are still other versions that people prefer, so I will open a poll on it soon, to gauge the overall feedback.

It’s been an awesome week, the level of participation, collaboration, comments, remarks has been overwhelming. So thank you all for making this a joy to do.

I will be posting details on the actual LoveHelvetica project at some point. It is a side project, so of course, paid work comes first and all that.


Written by: Graham Smith: The Logo Smith
1st Posted: 2009/01/31 & Post Updated: 2012/04/20
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