Looking for a Logo Design Company? Hire The Logo Smith

Logo for a Company Stationery Mock up Freelance Logo Design Company

Looking for a Logo Design Company? Hire The Logo Smith

If your looking for a business logo design company, then you’ve come to the right place. The Logo Smith can help you with your next logo and brand identity design project.

The Logo Smith is a very experienced (over 27 years) freelance logo and brand identity design company, who has years of experience in: graphic & illustrative design, logo design services; brand identity design, rebranding and logo redesigns, typography, typesetting, commercial lithographic & digital print, reprographics, photography, marketing & advertising.

A Logo Design Company that offers the Following Services:

As a Freelance Logo Designer and Logo Design Company, I offer the following creative & technical services: Logo Design; Logo Designs for Sale; Application Icons; Brand Identities & Corporate Guidelines; Logo Redesigns & Brand Updates; Logo & Brand Consultation; Custom Lettering & Typography; Secure WordPress Installs, Theme Customisation & Hosting.

Multi-talented Graphic Designer.

This is to say I just don’t design logos and brand identities, but also pretty much anything graphic design related: brochures, catalogues, flyers, posters, websites, signs, invite, etc.

Looking for a Logo Designer to Hire?

If you are looking for a ‘professional’ freelance logo designer to hire—I do so much hate using that overused word, professional, it just makes one sound so unprofessional, but there are reasons to use it on very rare occasions, and for me, this is that one rare occasion—to craft you a meticulously appropriate new logo design, then I’m certainly keen, and very able capable.

To help you find your feet, and steer you in the right direction, here are some useful page links for you (hopefully in order of usefulness):

    1. Logo Design Portfolio
    2. The Gallery
    3. Monomark Portfolio
    4. Logos for Sale
    5. Client Testimonials
    6. Client FAQ’s
    7. Hire Me & The Design Brief (this ultimately needs to be completed before a logo project can start, so feel free to jump straight right in with this)
    8. Contact

Logo & Brand Identity Examples

Brand Logo Guidelines and Logo Sheet Poster Template for Download Designed by The Logo Smith

PeopleWorkSpace Logo Designed by The Logo Smith Freelance Logo Designer 4

kerr Recruitment logo and brand identity redesign


Pure Storage Logo Design Grid and Construction-designed by The Logo Smith Medicine.com Logo Designed by Freelance Logo Designer The Logo Smith. Brand Logo Guidelines Poster Designed by Freelance Logo Designer The Logo Smith


GoGoBot Blueprint Logo Design

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Hire a Freelance Logo Designer in the UK

Logo & Brand Identity Design by Freelance Logo Designer The Logo Smith.

If you like the Logo & Brand Identity Design work I have done in my Portfolio, and Case Studies and Monomarks, and are looking to hire yourself a Highly Talented, and Super Experienced (28 Years), Freelance Logo & Brand Identity Designer, then look no further. Visit Hire Me, and fill in the Design Brief, or just Contact me.

The Logo Smith has Full Business Idemnity Insurance (FCA Regulated).

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