LogoStack-An Awesome Logo Design Gallery

LogoStack-An Awesome Logo Design Gallery

It’s been my intention for some time to create a form of logo design inspiration gallery, but didn’t want to just aimlessly duplicate the many existing logo design galleries that we rely on.

As well as having this sincere intention it also bothered me that many of the existing logo galleries are seemingly becoming crowded, at least to me, with self-submitted concept designs. This is fine for the most part, but I have seen a huge increase in this in recent time. It also seems hard to find real client logo designs in amongst the sea of conceptual logoing.

Given the Logopond style of logo inspiration gallery is pretty much well accounted for, so then a new logo gallery needs to have something a little different to offer.

LogoStack-Amazingly Awesome Logo Design Gallery was created to help address the balance.

Personal Pleasure

LogoStack is simply a collection of logo and brand identity marks that I derive a personal sense of pleasure from, and are found on my daily internet trawling actitivites.

LogoStack is a logo design inspiration gallery showcasing really awesome logo designs.

You will see famous and not so famous logo designs being posted as well as a sincere attempt to find the designs that somehow slip past us.

I am sure over time one will see a pattern emerge of what logo designs I tend to favour, but I also like to think I am open to pretty much anything style wise. Everything from: heavy typographic based type marks to modern vintage, combination to icon marks, precision to unbalanced and wild.


Each logo will have a full written title with links back to the originating designer and/or website. Each logo will be categorised by certain styles so that over time it will be easy to find and search for a certain style.

Not Just Logos

You won’t see just logo designs, but you will often see the complete picture/identity that the logo is an integral part of. If no single image of the logo exists then I will use whatever is to hand to show the logo, and other items of the brand identity.

LogoStack is a new logo inspiration gallery which means the current collection is somewhat small, but bear with me whilst I make efforts to build it up with really awesome logo designs.

I’m not saying LogoStack is here to save the world, but I am hopeful it will provide people interested in solid logo designs a place to view commercial style work.

Seeking Portfolios

Although not taking submissions I would clearly appreciate any tips, links, website heads-ups that you might have to help me improver overall coverage.

Please leave a comment below with your suggestions. Graci-ass.

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If you want to be updated when new logo designs are added then subscribing to the RSS feed, by regular RSS or email delivered by Feedburner, would be the obvious route to take.

Subscribe by RSS or Email.

As well as RSS I will be posting semi-regular updates to my Twitter stream (@imjustcreative) and my Google+ stream.


Written by: Graham Smith: The Logo Smith
1st Posted: 2011/10/14 & Post Updated: 2014/05/09
Filed In Categories: Brand Identity, Inspiration, Vintage

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