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Logos, Mathematics And The Endless Possibilities

Utterly fascinated with this article on Mathematica, a certain software application by Wolfram which could aid logo design development; which will only set you back, if you are in individual, a little bit over £2000.

Price aside—now you know you could never afford it—it's worth reading up on this article Exploring Logo Designs with Mathematica as it does provide a rather unique insight into the mathematical side of logo creation. One shape in Mathematic, at it's most simplest, will provide you with a variety of possibilities, and a seemingly unending supply of visual interpretations.

After reading this article I was certainly curious to check the software out so rather saddened to see the price tag, but nevertheless it has provided me with additional avenues to explore with my own logos.

There are a few visual demonstrations of how logos can be explored using Mathematica which are really super cool. A logo design by the Norman Gorbaty and Ken Kirkwood Agency for Reyflex Textilien is worth checking out as a good example of how useful Mathematica could be if only it was affordable to regular Joes.

Exploring a Logo by Grignani

Exploring the Mercedes-Benz Logo

Exploring the Tate Logo

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