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LogoJunkies has been on the scene for a week or so now, but due to some horrendous domain problems with the ‘.es’ TLD, I have not been able to change the nameservers to the hosting platform that I currently use. So for all logo designers, read on.

OK, so what!

Well, the nameserver problem is a big problem. I’m just saying is all. This means that I will be focusing on using @LogoJunkies on Twitter to send out useful links, tips, information on a daily basis. All focusing on logo design, logo portfolios, logo development, font choices, colour ideas, inspiration and anything else I can squeeze into the ‘logo design‘ category.


Well, if you would like to receive these daily logo tips then please do follow @LogoJunkies on Twitter. Some will be repeated as one must take into account the time zone differences for the followers who log on at different times, especially if it’s a tip I think is useful.

Hmmm, well, almost convinced me

The longer term will depend on the domain being sorted out, but once that has been cleared up then the website will run in tandem with Twitter, providing yet more cool logo design stuff. There is also a LogoJunkies logo ofcourse, but still playing on this, my mind changes more often than I change my underpant, wait I wear boxers.

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Written by: Graham Smith: The Logo Smith
1st Posted: 2008/12/04 & Post Updated: 2014/05/09
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