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There are a number of Logo Design Inspiration sites out there, all of which provide similar resources. They offer the freelance logo designer a valuable way to increase the exposure of their work for ego purposes and impressing potential new clients. Not to mention providing a wealth of inspiration for idea strapped designers.

LogoGala, however, offers a few extras which sets it out from the other logo design inspiration and showcasing websites.

The Featured Logo - Not Just Pretty Pics

LogoGala Featured logo

As you have no doubt caught on, I have cunningly timed this review to include my new ImJustCreative logo design, well, you know, if you got it, flaunt it.

The one thing that really sets out LogoGala is the Featured Logo section. It's not just a regular 'submit logo and thats it' site. It allows the designer an opportunity to explain the process involved with the design of the logo in question. Looking at cute logo's all day is one thing, but frankly, after a while, 'just' images start to loose their impact. More so now there is a trend for a lot of submitted logos to be concept based rather than 'real life client logos'. Often, the underlying reason for a logo design can be lost or just impossible to see.

The Featured Logo sets the record straight. Deron (@deronsizemore) has got this bit nailed down perfectly.

Upon submitting your logo, you also have the option of filling in a questionnaire. You can skip it if you want and just submit the logo design by filling in the following, or you can take some time out to answer some well thought out questions, some shown in image below.

Deron allows you, the designer, via LogoGala, to set the record straight.

Logogala featured questions

This allows you to really go into as much detail as you want, there seems to be no character limit, so take the time and space to make the most of the opportunity.

Question 6 provides you with the option of attaching an image of your various sketches etc, which is a brilliant concept for a logo inspiration gallery. The real inspiration comes from seeing how the designer became 'inspired' in the process for a final logo.

logogala sketches

Pretty Colours

A novel but useful part of LogoGala is the 'colours used' section. The website automagically picks out the main colours and displays them in a palette next to the logo design. On the home page, you can view logos by colours, which is a super neat way to find inspiration based on colour opposed to keywords.

logogala imjustcreative logo colours

No Voting here

A small aspect that I am in favour of is that LogoGala run without a voting system. It seems every inspiration and showcase site under the site is powered by votes. Ofcourse there are the most 'view and popular logos' shown on the homepage, but this is based on pure viewing numbers opposed to the very innacuate voting system.

Voting sites are flawed. It's a pointless system, especially If you are as cynical as me. The more 'friends' you have, the more votes you can assure yourself if you are so inclined. Just this very aspect means that any logos with the most votes can't really be taken seriously. It becomes almost laughable in this sense.

As with most other inspiration sites, LogoGala allows comments to be left. This is the most genuine way to show appreciation for a design you are 'inspired' by.

LogoGala Blog

Deron also keeps the LogoGala blog active and each month he features various logos in a monthly roundup, which is a genuine way to show appreciation for those submissions that attract the most 'eyes'.

The author

Deron Sizemore runs and maintains LogoGala and you can find him on Twitter @logogala and @deronsizemore. He also is the man behind '' and 'Random'.

So all in all, LogoGala offers a nice slant on the usual inspiration sites. The site design is clean and easy to navigate.

If you are a logo designer and have not really checked out LogoGala then I would recommend you give it a shot.

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