Logo Portfolio Redesigned

Making progress with the gradual redesign of my responsive website with the latest round of changes focusing on the display and use of my main logo design portfolio.

Up and till now my portfolio was all hard coded into the theme templates which was a real pain in the ass. I always had it in mind to have my logo designs added as posts, but it was lack of code knowledge that held me back. Thankfully Shane (see note below) has been able to code my ideas into the responsive WordPress theme that I have slowly cobbled together over the last few months. I now have full control over the featured images and order of the logo designs as well as it now being a quick process to add new logo work.

Having a few challenges with the pagination at the time of writing this post. So for the temporary moment all my logo designs display on one page, but the immediate plan is to have a much smaller number of 9-12 logo designs on each page to help with page load times.

I still have some minor aesthetic styling tweaks to make to the actual individual posts, but that is for another day. All logos are super optimised given this is my landing page as well as resizing to various screen sizes, so on the iPhone the actual logo images enlarge to the single column view.

I will also be applying this portfolio to LogoStack.co hence why it has been quiet over there for the last month or so. In fact a number of my earlier side projects: LoveHelvetica & MonoExpressions will come out of hibernation using variations of the imjustcreative WordPress Theme.

imjustcreative Responsive WordPress Theme

I am still planning on releasing the imjustcreative Responsive WordPress Theme to those that want to play/use it, but I just had to get the responsive and user-friendly portfolio bit done before doing so. The theme is now more user friendly, and works as a responsive portfolio should with control over how many columns and rows you have before having to use the pagination.

Expect to see an initial Alpha release of the theme code in the next few weeks.

I say Alpha because I am aware of a number of small glitches that still need to be sorted as well as some basic styling tweaks

A Quick Thank You

All the back end code work is down to a great guy called Shane Hudson (@ShaneHudson). Shane has proven to be an invaluable help in getting the more ambitious parts of my website realised, so feel very fortunate to have him helping me out with the development side.

If you are looking for sound, solid, dependable, and awesomely humoured WordPress developer then I can personally, and highly, recommend Shane.


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