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Jake on @PeoplePerHour has Stolen my Entire Logo Design Portfolio. Naughty Jake

This is not the first time, and it won't be the last, that I've seen huge chunks of my logo design portfolio stolen by someone, using it to mislead unsuspecting clients on PeoplePerHour.

Usually though, my logo designs are up alongside other logo designers' work; first time I've seen majority of my own logo portfolio used like this.


Peopleperhour Logo Portfolio


I understand that websites like PeoplePerHour can't initially stop shitty people like Jake from uploading other designers' work.

However, they can certainly do a heck of alot more to ensure that they warn people like jake of the consequences of stealing other peoples work, before they sign up.

Not sure they have adequate warnings in relation to plagiarism, and downright utter theft.

I always appreciate the eagle eyes of other designers, like Lee Weaver, who make the effort to tell me when they see my work so blatantly stolen like this, so thank you very much Lee.

Obviously, you'd be much better hiring a more reputable logo designer, such as myself.

Let's see how long it takes for Jake to apologise, and remove my work. Thought I'd take the opportunity to leave Jake an Endorsement…

Peopleperhour Logo Portfolio

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