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Custom Logo Designs For Sale Designed by The Logo Smith

Below are a few examples of recent logo designs added to my Logo Designs for Sale page. Some have been sold, and as such have a strikethrough the caption, and SOLD appended at the end.

An update to previous post: Custom Logo Designs for Sale

Custom Logo Designs For Sale



Custom Logo Designs for Sale

I have thought long and hard about having logos for sale on my website, as I don't want to have my website mistakingly associated with Stock Imagery.

The simple fact is that I have accumulate 100's of unused logo designs, ideas, concepts over the many years of being a graphic designer, and it's frankly just a waste to have them all hidden away, and never used.

Custom Logo Designs for Sale Custom Logo Designs for Sale


Custom logo designs icon and symbols for sale

Previously Commissioned Logo & Brand Identity Projects

These unused logo design ideas are often the result of previously commissioned logo and brand identity projects.

Bear in mind that for each client, I might: develop, doodle, sketch and conceptualize dozens of logo ideas, not all of them the client will see.

The logo ideas that the client will see will be a small fraction of those that I have developed, and from that selection only one idea will be chosen.

The 'leftovers' are sometimes repurposed for new projects, or left in the shadows.

I don't like the sound of 'ready-made', as in reality, any logo design sold will probably have some changes made to suit the clients' specific needs, but for the most part they are left as is.

Small changes like: colours, layout, type swaps are the usual changes made.

Custom logo designs icon and symbols for sale

As you can see some of the logo designs have brand names associated with them, but for the most part these are just 'placeholders', and are not supplied with the logo.

The client will no doubt have their own brand name to insert with the logo they have chosen to purchase.

All custom logo designs shown below are the sole Copyright © 2018 of The Logo Smith until purchased, and Transfer of Copyright has been exchanged.




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