Logo Design RoundUp Part 9 – How Designers Promote & Brand Themselves


This is Part 9 of the Logo Design Round-Up series. This ongoing series showcases a collection of logos and brand marks, self submitted by a bunch of freelance designers and creative folk in many creative areas. These designers use the logos to sell, promote, brand and market their various skills.

You can see how I designed my own logo in this post : Bastardizing Helvetica for the ImJustCreative Logo Design

If you want to be part of this logo design series, then details can be found at the bottom of this post.

What this collection is not

This is not a competition, it’s not a best of, it’s not a who has the best logo, it’s not a collection of logos that I have chosen. They are logos supplied by those that wanted to be part of this post. And a huge thank you to everyone who has submitted.

This series will go on indefinitely, all the time there are designers prepared to submit their logo designs. If you have submitted recently, but your logo is not included in this post, don’t worry, it will be in the next one. I keep each post limited to around 12 logos per post, on a first come first served type of basis.

The logo submissions are displayed in alphabetical order, so no favoritism on my part here. :)

Logo Roundup – Part 9

adtrak logo design

Alun Davies – Graphic Designer – Adtrak – http://adtrak.co.uk

Last year I got to redesign the logo for the agency I work for. The agency first started out years and years ago doing local advertising and directory stuff but has now grown from that to do more different design.

The existing logo was absolutely horrible, and I’m certainly not saying my solution is a groundbreaking, industry-defining, point of unique brilliance, FFS it’s essentially just a bloody bullseye, but it’s a million miles away of what it was born out of. The only thing that really stayed the same was the colour scheme (originally hot pink, black and white), but I changed the black elements of the old design to charcoal grey just so the contrast wasn’t so stark. I liked the bullseye because it mimicked the curvature of the typeface, but it had little bursts of creativity and interest to just make it (in a very small way) different, and that kinda fitted the way the agency is- a lot of simple straightforward stuff, pocketed with little bursts of really nice, satisfying creativity.

agency asia logo design
Richard Henderson – Agency.Asia Magazine – Writer/Art director – http://agency.asia

Hi. My name is Richard Henderson and I created this logo for our new advertising, marketing and communications magazine [I hate the word ‘webzine’] here in Asia-Pacific, called Agency.Asia.

I’d love to say that I created the typeface, but it’s a classic astro867 – which I used because to my mind it looks relatively simple/stylish without distracting from the fact that the mag is on one of the new ‘.Asia’ URLs, and we attempted to convey that with the period (.) and a simple typographic execution. I hope we succeeded. Anyway, thanks for the opportunity to get some feedback.


Bryan Betz – Graphic Designer for Hire – http://bryanbetz.com

I struggled for a while with a logo design that represented myself. One day, while scribbling in a notebook, I discovered that my last name could work very well as an ambigram (an image that appears the same upside down as it does right side up). After several attempts at making a legible design, I finally managed to get two or three that were easy to read and styled to my liking. I scanned the designs and fleshed them out as best I could.

I’ve been using this particular logo for about three years now. It’s seen many different colors and styles, most common is some combination of blue and yellow. I use this logo because it fits my personality and my personal design style. It’s sharp and energetic, with bright colors and solid outlines.

carsonsholddesign logo design
Carson Shold – Carson Shold Design – Graphic & Web Designer – http://carsonshold.com

Typography has been a passion of mine for some time now, and I find logos that utilize this to be very inspiring. I chose to use the initials ‘C’ and ‘D’ to create the larger ‘S’ in my logo, allowing it to become an abstract shape that represents myself – my brand.
I know that not everyone will remember my name once they see my logo, but I hope they remember the shape. My desire is to leave an impression about design abilities, and this logo has done exactly that for me thus far.

I got some business cards printed last week, and use the logo a little differently on the back side. You can check it out here – http://www.carsonshold.com/portfolio/bcard.html

design by firgs logo design

Elizabeth Gast  – Logo & Brand Identity Designer – http://designbyfirgs.com

My logo really is me. I feel like I am always juggling the tasks that are part of my daily life. Should it be computer programs that I keep switching to and from, to meeting deadlines, to networking with people, to helping others troubleshoot their business solutions. The invisible tag-line that goes with my logo is “Jack of all trades – master of moving them around.”

My logo actually came to be because a friend of mine was sick with cancer and he was going through chemo. While he was going through it, I sent him tons of funny postcards with silly messages on the back. I was sending out at least one a week for several months. Because I was sending out so many, I just started to write a cursive L (for Liz) as my signature. The more I looked at it, the more the cursive L started to look like a little figure with his arms stretched out.

I then started to think of my love for the renascence era and how I have always been attracted to court jesters. I even have a few jester figurines. I have always loved how jesters were dressed in bright and colorful clothes and how their main job was to make people happy. So, I started to take my cursive L and added dots above it in an arc form. And just like that, my logo was born.

One of the things I like about my logo is that there are several subliminal pictures in it. If you look hard enough, you can still make out my cursive L for Liz, and two of the balls with the arms of the figure make out a smiley face. I like that. I love making my clients happy with my brightly colored artistic tricks.

fellow creative logo design

Carl Jeffrey  – Creative Midwife™  – http://fellowcreative.com

My work and endeavours are focused on long-term sustainable value – Creatively Supporting Sustainable Enterprise. I am a ‘fellow’ to those I work alongside, a ‘fellow academic’ to those I teach and simply ‘Fellow Creative’ to clients and likeminded folk.

I’m passionate about design and brands, creative thinking and sustainable development. Its hard to describe exactly what I do because I do very different things each day but this audio/visual presentation might help explain my thought process and ethics. (http://www.fellowcreative.com/2009/07/sustainable-design-creativity-university-of-the-arts-london/)

My logo is built for analogue (paper) and digital (screen); upon a crafted typographic treatment, an angled 12* degree grid system and a neutral colour palette – the logo is comprised of, and used alongside additional brand elements – the brand aims to convey the following values: individuality, personability, transparency, professional and future focused.

gonzo design illumina logo

Jonny Campbell – Gonzo Design – http://gonzo-design.com

I’m Jonny Campbell, creative multimedia designer and recent graduate of Interactive Multimedia Design. I have been using Gonzo-Design as my online hub to document, talk about and showcase work for around 5 months now. I wanted a logo that would act as a stamp/badge that would be instantly recognisable and that would lend itself well to both screen and print designs, ultimately conveying my personal brand in an instant.

I use the logo when promoting myself by handing out little pin badges with my business cards. They are always a hit at talks and conferences:

transit logo design

Ryan Lascano – Transit – Designer/Art Director – http://Transitdesignstudio.com

The name Transit comes from my fascination with subways, metros, etc. I was always intrigued by the systems themselves and all the associated wayfinding and information design, and I wanted something that would reflect my interest in the urban environment.

I also see Transit as a metaphor for connecting people and coming “full circle” with an idea or concept. I wanted the mark to reflect that idea of connections and circular motion in the way the letters interact – such as how the second “t” is turned inward to loop your eye back through the logo, just as a subway system would loop back around.

utskiboo logo design

Jannick Utke – Utskiboo – Media Graphic Designer – http://www.utskiboo.dk

My logo  took base in the Rockwell font they use at psdtuts.com. I liked the big serifs, and I modified them a little and thought that maybe the two o’s in the end could be the number 8 that layed down, but it actually ended out being three waves when you include the b.

On my blog the dot above the “i” is actually brown, but i’m thinking in the future I want it to have one of the cmyk colors instead, so in this examble it’s cyan…

wildfire marketing group logo design
Jeremy L. Knauff – Wildfire Marketing Group – http://wildfiremarketinggroup.com/

As our name implies, our focus is on helping businesses grow like wildfire and we wanted our logo to quickly and easily express that.

We chose a clean, san serif font to achieve legibility at any size. As everyone knows, wildfire spreads quickly, hence the leaping flame within the green circle. This part of the logo also has a double meaning though, as the flame extending outside of the circle represents growing outside of your current boundaries.

Our color selection has both obvious and subtle implications. While orange does represent fire, it also draws attention and signifies importance, like red does, but without any of the negative implications. The green represents growth while contrasting nicely with the orange.

End of Part 9 – Submit Your Own Logo

If you want to add your own logo to forthcoming versions of this post, then check out this post ‘I want your creative business logo for forthcoming post’. If you do submit a logo, then please ensure you submit a few paragraphs about how the logo came into being etc. Without this information I can’t add your logo.

Flickr Group Pool

I have recently started posting all previous submitted logo’s to a Flickr Pool called ‘Designers Brands & Logos‘ to further max the self promotion for you guys.



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