The Logo Design Process – Sketching is not a ‘must do’

I get tired of people stating ‘you must sketch prior to sitting at your computer, this is the only accepted way of designing logos‘. Some people are so vocal about it that it almost sounds like a crime to do anything other than the ‘manual sketch process’.

My methods have been questioned from time to time. I don’t know why this is so.

I don’t sketch. Never have done and probably never will. (The only times I sketch are when Im away from the computer and don’t want to forget an idea I might have whilst out and about). The ideas I have in my head are created and translated straight into Illustrator.

There are other ways

I find this a quick, painless and flexible process. My Illustrator page will contain many, many graphics from ideas I have edited and crafted. Time and time again I come across articles, blog post, tutorials adamantly stating that it’s ‘a waste of time to jump straight to the computer‘.

I would argue that it can be the reverse, but its subjective and it may or may suit some people. 

Jumping straight onto the computer works for me, and more importantly, my clients. Business is booming, so I think that people need to relax a bit about sketching being the ‘only’ way. It is questionable to say this with so much certainty when new budding logo designers might be in the same mindset as myself. Yet they will take on board what ‘the majority of experts are saying, which is not to go straight to the computer’.

And I think this is a shame.

In a tutorial, you can advise, but don’t make steadfast claims when infact other methods can and do work equally well. And especially to be so critical and opposed to it.

This may be what is taught at college, or mentioned in the many logo design books, or even posts. But it is not the only way. I developed my way and I would strongly advise that you create a logo or design according to what feels best for you, not feeling pressured to do what may not be right for you.

Just feel strongly about preaching about methods that in my humble opinion are not the only choices.


Written by: Graham Smith: The Logo Smith
1st Posted: 2009/01/31 & Post Updated: 2009/02/03
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