Logo Design Roundup Part 6 – Over 50 Ways Designers Promote & Brand Themselves


This is Part 6 of the Logo Design Round-Up series. This ongoing series showcases a collection of logos and brand marks, self submitted by a bunch of freelance designers and creative folk in many creative areas. These designers use the logos to sell, promote, brand and market their various skills.

You can see how I designed my own logo in this post : Bastardizing Helvetica for the ImJustCreative Logo Design

If you want to be part of this logo design series, then details can be found at the bottom of this post.

What this collection is not

This is not a competition, it’s not a best of, it’s not a who has the best logo, it’s not a collection of logos that I have chosen. They are logos supplied by those that wanted to be part of this post. And a huge thank you to everyone who has submitted.

This series will go on indefinitely, all the time there are designers prepared to submit their logo designs. If you have submitted recently, but your logo is not included in this post, don’t worry, it will be in the next one. I keep each post limited to around 10 logos per post, on a first come first served type of basis.

The logo submissions are displayed in alphabetical order, so no favoritism on my part here. :)

Logo Roundup – Part 6

30 Two Logo Design

Duncan Rynehart – Brand Designer – http://30two.com

The logo is derived from the name (thirty-two). The 3 circles represent units of 10 and the lines are units of 1. I’ve always been a sucker for geometric precision and tessellation since staring at MC Esher’s pics on the Maths classroom wall as a kid! The logo is essentially based on a 3 x 3 grid of circles. The ‘30TWO’ text is hand drawn and also based on the same 3 x 3 grid as the Symbol, with each character created by connecting the 9 circles.

The 30two symbol creates a simple, yet flexible identity system where the circle and lines can be replaced by objects that relate to the specific message of each piece of marketing collateral/design. For example – 3 drawing pins and 2 paperclips on stationery, or 3 snowflakes and 2 Christmas trees on the company Christmas card etc.

As for the colour, I could say it’s a subversive nod to the fact that I care about the environment and try to use recycled and sustainable materials where possible…it isn’t – I just like bright green :)

Black Web Logo Design

Sherone Black – Communication and Design – http://blackweb.ca

I’ve lived in 3 countries and I grew up on punk rock. As a consequence, I love strong, solid, visuals that are a little offbeat.  I wanted a logo that I could relate to and that, I felt, described me in some way, without overtly referencing any particular country or era.  I can’t tell you how many designs I’ve discarded over the last few years.

And then I got laid off. I sat down, knowing I had to redo my resume and credentials, design a website, launch a blog and get an identity together… NOW. Apparently panic is a good motivator, because it all came together surprisingly quickly after that.

I chose Helvetica Neue Black Extended (of course) for ‘black’. Even without that heavyweight, full-fontal assault, “black” is a strong word, so I chose lowercase, to soften the visual hard edges. The lipstick pink, bc+d icon playfully balances the powerful heavy type, and I loved the way bc+d was easily memorable because it follows the alphabet. And as a bonus, I get to use the icon separately. The logo looks good reversed-out on a black background, but my favorite way of using it, is on white.

bluehause logo design

Ryan Mayer  –  Art Director & Designer  –  bluehaus communications  – http://bluehaus.com

Let me start by explaining the name first. “bluehaus” is a made up word that I created by combining a lot of things about me and things I enjoy. Many people notice the similarities to the German school Bauhaus. The Bauhaus style became one of the most influential currents in Modernist architecture and modern design and I quite enjoy it. I have German blood in me and enjoy the colour blue. I threw them all together and came up with the word “bluehaus” which I pronounce: blue house. The name has stuck with me and I’ve been using this name for over a decade now.

As for my mark, it’s a combination of a couple of different things. The first and probably the most obvious is the overall shape of a lower case “b”. A friend once told me that I must be dripping with creativity and that always made me laugh. So I used a drop to create the upper part of the mark. The lower part symbolizes the process of taking my clients all the way around from point A to point B making sure nothing is overlooked in every project.

brainchild collective logo design

Joe Akers – Brainchild Collective – Multimedia Productions – http://brainchildcollective.com

As a company, we’re a group of folks with unique skill sets: Film, photography, graphic and web design. We’re more than willing to work separately on a project that may only call for one of our services. But, the real magic happens when we all work together as a “collective” on projects that utilizes our skill sets with the goal of a cohesive final product. As a result, we consider that final product the “brainchild” of our group working together to find solutions to the clients problem. Thus, the origin of our name : )

The mark is fairly abstract but within it are the initials “B.C.C”, a representation of the lens of a camera, the light from a film projector and the border of a screen displaying the graphic – Photography, Film, Web, Design. The typeface is clean and modern with the choice of using lower case letters as a nod to our status as a small business and our goal of helping the small business client.

Design nerd logo design

Nikki – Design Nerd – Graphic Designer – http://designnerd.net

The logo you see above is my newly re-designed logo. It has taken a lot of work and has been a very hard decision for me(I’m terrible when it comes to deciding on a design for myself!). I don’t want to know exactly how much time I spent browsing through thousands of fonts looking for that right one! I’m sure I lost a few days of my life looking at fonts haha!

I wanted something modern, and eye-catching with smooth lines and shapes and a symbol strong enough that it could be recognised without the typography. The logo is very “me”. The style and the colours are exactly what I’m about.

Originally the logo I had was far too “Web 2.0 -ish” with a glossy shine and everything. At the time I thought it was great but now when I look back at it it’s quite funny.  I’m definately liking my new logo a lot more and I hope that you like it too!

Grace smith logo design

Grace Smith – Postscript 5 – Freelance Designer & Developer – http://postscript5.co.uk

As my business name is inspired by my fascination with print (specifically a play on Postscript levels), the logo had to be simple, easy to read and memorable. The typeface is FF Din, an incredibly beautiful and structured typeface, it also happens to be my favourite typeface.

The logo spells out four of the main areas that guide my business; design, branding, marketing and passion. These may change over time, which the logo allows for as they can be easily edited. I felt this was important as the business name is abstract and it was therefore imperative that the logo in some way give a description of exactly what Postscript5 is.

The colour palette matches the tone of my site and the speech bubble hints at the fact that even though freelancer’s have a reputation as being introverted, im actually a pretty sociable person.

jason larose Logo Design

Jason Larose Design – Graphic Designer – http://jasonlarosedesign.com

For the past few years I had been branding myself as “JL Design” with a “J” and an “L” combined into one symbol for a logo. While I  knew what it stood for, not many others could tell what it was. Some people thought it looked like a fish and others a swoosh.

In an attempt to rebrand myself, I decided that it was in my best interests to use my full name rather than initials for better recognition. I also researched what other designers were doing and I came to the conclusion that type treatments, lettermarks and ligatures work best for lone designers using their name, and logos for designers with a company name.

As a result, I changed my branding to “Jason LaRose Design”, removed the “J” and “L” logo, and instead made a distinctive ligature with the “LA.” I chose Avenir because it is a very simple, clean font.

Jeff Degeorgia Logo design

Jeff DeGeorgia – Designer, Writer, Inventor – http://JeffDeGeorgia.com

My original design had 3 objectives – 1) exhibit well-roundedness and a 360 degree approach 2) be simple and clear and 3) be human.  I played around with my initials for some time, realizing how simple it was to pin a J and D together.

What started off as a rather 2D circle became 3D when I decided to stretch it just a little in the center so the J would have some true dimension.  I added the shadow to the bottom of the design and complemented the playful ‘ball’ with a VAG Rounded typeface which had a bit of youth and energy to it.

Since ‘well-rounded’ was a central theme, I thought the rounded edges of the type and of course the round ball would exhibit this well, along with my motto: DESiGNER, WRiTER, iNVENTOR with lowercase i’s to stress the interactive side of my work.  Because I do more than design, I thought this simple icon best exemplified the 360-degree approach I bring to each project.

JM Designs Logo Design

John Metcalf  –  JM Designs – http://jm-designs.com

While developing my branding, I didn’t want my logo to pigeon-hole me as a certain type of designer. However, I wanted a raw quality to the logo which would create a nice contrast to any standard body copy (Clarendon and Helvetica).

I came up with the JM-D treatment first. I thought this would work well as a secondary graphic element; it reminded me of old cowboy brands. I feel that the dark and light blue help balance out the main logo, not letting “designs” become too dominate. Thank you for the opportunity to share my logo.

krftd Logo Design

KRFTD – Arbiter of Style and Ideas – http://krftd.com

I’ve always prefer logos which are clean and simple, with no strings attached.Considering that Krftd is an alternative spelling to “crafted”, the chosen typeface must make it easy to read.

I had the idea of the pencil icon to add a casual and slightly playful feel. I like that it sits nicely in a discreet manner.

Oh DaniB Logo Design

Dani Bartov – OhDaniB – Graphic Design – http://ohdanib.com

The current incarnation of my logo came about when I found myself “between jobs”. I felt my previous look was stodgy and didn’t reflect who I was or my perspective about logos and branding.

I began by prioritizing my objectives: I really wanted my brand to reflect me, as a whole, suggest what I’m like to work with, and represent how I feel about the design process. The simplest and most straight-forward way to have the logo shout “This is me!” was to incorporate my name wherever possible. Since my first initial is “O”, I go by my middle name “Danielle”, or “Dani” to everyone, and my last initial is “B”, the name “Oh Dani B” made sense on that – somewhat shallow but clear and direct – level. My “Happy Guy” was also built from my initials, with the “O” as the head, and the “d” and “b” as the feet.

Going a bit deeper, the name also reads an exclamation. This is reflected in the jaunty giddiness suggested by the posture of the “Happy Guy”, as well as the color palette. My intention was to capture the moment when inspiration strikes. That is, bar none, my favorite part of design. It also works to suggest the desired (and hopefully achieved) outcome of projects – that of a happy client.

Finally, I kept the color palette simple and the overall design very clean. The typeface is contemporary without being kitschy, professional without being cold, friendly without being sweet. These are what I consider to be my trademarks in all my design, and so neatly sum up who I am as a designer.

Stuart Thursby Logo Design

Stuart Thursby  – Graphic Design & Identity – http://sthursby.com

I was struggling to come up with a logo idea for ever. I started with a variation of my signature, which wouldn’t work at all at smaller sizes, and generally disappeared in the context of a page or website.

I wasn’t able to really come up with some kind of logo until one day, randomly, driving home from work I realized that my initials (S and T) form a ligature in some typefaces. The image of placing that ligature in a circle, using a shade of blue (my favourite colour), came right along at the same time as this random burst of inspiration.

When I got home that night I fired up InDesign and found what I thought to be the best looking ‘st’ ligatures, narrowed it down to this one (Arno Pro) and bob’s your uncle, I was laughing!

End of Part 6 – Submit Your Own Log

If you want to add your own logo to forthcoming versions of this post, then check out this post ‘I want your creative business logo for forthcoming post. If you do submit a logo, then please ensure you submit a few paragraphs about how the logo came into being etc. Without this information I can’t add your logo.

Flickr Group Pool

I have recently started posting all previous submitted logo’s to a Flickr Pool called ‘Designers Brands & Logos‘ to further max the self promotion for you guys. Woop.


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