LL Replica Typeface and Specimen Book by Lineto

Lineto is a beauty of a website, leaves you in no doubt the attention to detail lavished on their creations. The website deserves a good rummage around, check out all their fonts, specifically the LL Replica type family for which this specimen book has been created and the focus of this post.

If you are fascinated to see how typefaces like this are created, then this should be priority purchase. Only 500 printed and as of this post, only 5 booklets left. Make that 4 as I have just ordered a copy. Yours for 36 CHF Switzerland francs, roughly £23.

From the website

This specimen booklet is a meticulously designed manual for understanding the characteristics of Norm’s latest typeface LL Replica.

The specimen documents several stages in the design process, from the first design decision to enlarge the fontlab grid up to the final fine-tuning of the fonts.

In the manual, designers Dimitri Bruni and Manuel Krebs discuss the development of Replica and the various problems encountered during the lengthy process, using their very conversation as a continuous sample text for the specimen booklet.

Set in all seven weights of LL Replica and in eight different type sizes, the booklet is an impressive document of Norm’s skills as both type designers and typographers, while LL Replica performs beautifully in headlines, as body copy or even when set in tables.

Furthermore, the complete character map of the font’s new OpenType Pro versions is laid out, presenting the wide range and the many alternative stylistic sets of Norm’s latest type design.

Replica typeface

Replica is a new sans serif typeface conceived and designed by Zurich-based design studio Norm. It is intended for use as text face as well as for more graphic applications like headlines, signwriting, etc.

Replica was designed on a very reduced and religiously strict grid which defined each and every design decision. In place of the 700 units for standard caps height in Fontlab, the grid was reduced to just 70 units. This arbitrary simplifaction and self-induced restriction strongly influences the shape of each individual glyph.

Here are some direct links to view the various images for Replica.







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