Is Your Logo Portfolio A Locked Treasure Chest?

Been giving some thought recently to the amount of creative logo portfolios I stumble across of late. Many of these logo portfolios seemingly only list their work in text format without so much as a visual clue as to what has been designed.

Will not provide examples of websites as this is not about calling people out, but as an example: you go to a design website because you’ve heard good things about their recent work, and you might be presented with something like this style of website…

To view each project you would have to click each link in order to get a full appreciation of their portfolio.

Too many times I have visited such websites in order to find nice logo designs for LogoStack, and have been immediately put-off by a text heavy list of client/projects. Instead of quickly seeing first hand the sort of design they can knock-out, I then have to click each text link to see what it’s all about. It may be of interest, or it may not.

It really is like they are making it purposefully time consuming for potential clients, or other designers, to efficiently view their work.

Minimalism is one thing, but it doesn’t have to be at the expense of usability and practicality.

It’s like having a shop where you don’t have anything in the window display with everything being sold contained within closed drawers.


Don’t assume that people who visit your site have the time and inclination to sit and click each of your projects to see what you can do. This is amplified because so many websites I visit have this same similar set-up.

I really don’t get it at all.

Should one not be proud of ones work, and feel good about making it accessible as a whole rather than getting people to jump through hoops? A text only list of your work may look neat and tidy on your homescreen, but if you don’t also offer a way to glance at more than one project at a time then you are making it way too troublesome and time inefficient.

As much as I love finding new creative websites and portfolios I simply will not spend time clicking each text link to see each bit of work.

When I visit a website I would like to have a nice overall selection of images/thumbnails, or some other form of interactive gallery. My own logo portfolio is less than exciting in terms of CSS/HTML wizardry, but it does provide a quick and easy way for people to see the sort of work I do. I also provide a link that takes you to a page, or blog post, from each thumbnail that provides more imagery or description.

I have also added a new drop-down menu under the main navigation that provides quick links to featured logo projects, but it also provides a link to my main logo portfolio. It’s not perfect, but I genuinely feel it’s a damn site easier than having to wade through text link after text link to unearth any kind of work.

Why not make it easy, practical and efficient for people to quickly view your overall style of work on a first visit and glance. Otherwise you could risk alienating people with your stupid sense of impractical minimalism.

I just fail to understand why so many designers/creatives make their portfolios so infuriatingly time consuming to navigate and check out.

But what do you think? Am I moaning and whining about nothing?


Written by Graham Smith: The Logo Smith| First Posted on: 2011/11/04 & Post Updated on: 2014/05/09 Filed In Categories: Brand Identity, Opinion, Portfolio

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