Inner Most Thoughts from a Freelance Logo Designer

There has been quite a distinct pattern to my general well-being, and psychological mood, during some past logo design projects.

Lack of confidence

When I say well-being, what I actually mean is: I can become quietly disheartened if I am struggling to make any significant headway in an on-going logo project.

That lack of headway? It typically manifests itself into making me believe that this will be THAT project that get’s the better of me.

This will be the one logo design project that you knew would eventually catch-up with you, and utterly defeat you, whilst systematically bringing about the end of a successful career.

During these lull’s I can often feel: hopeless, dejected, untalented, a failure and completely lacking in self confidence. 

Often times my attempts to dilute my catastrophic thinking are laughably futile. 

I don’t even like to refer to these periods of reverse progress as designers’ block; it’s not so much a block, rather a negative emotional feeling that sucks all confidence from within.

It’s such a predictable state-of-mind for me, yet it catches me out each and every time.

Historically, these periods of doom and gloom I will stubbornly dig-in with a fierce determination: this will not be THAT project that get’s the better of me.

I have never ever been that person to give-up, but it doesn’t stop me from being a grump when things hit a pot-hole, or five.

I throw my heart and soul into every logo project, so the inevitable dissatisfaction when things are going less that optimally, I feel, is inevitable.

It’s not all bad though: that crotchety mood will evaporate the instant I whiff that positive creative direction that has eluded me.

I don’t often even give myself credit for initiating that positive idea, but rather lumping it into the category of ‘fluke’.

The sensible me is aware that it’s rarely a fluke, but more a combination of: experimentation, curiosity, experience and even self-preservation, fed by desperation that put’s you back on that glittering career path once again.

I only need to look at my own logo design portolio, to re-ignite confidence in my own abilities, when I know that I ought to trust myself once again.

I become positively enthused, and all is well with the world once again.


Written by: Graham Smith: The Logo Smith
1st Posted: 2012/03/05 & Post Updated: 2017/06/01
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