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Clearly you have come here from Twitter, unless of course you haven’t but for arguments sake lets assume you did.

What follows is a brief (possible waffling and moderately boring) video presentation of me and something about what I use Twitter for and what you can expect if you start following me etc.

ImJustCreative Twitter Landing Zone :) from Graham Smith on Vimeo.


Feel free to leave outlandish remarks, totally unhelpful crititisms and if you feel charitable, maybe even the odd ‘nice vid’. I decided to make the Twitter landing page a post just for this reason, so people could leave comments should they/you want to.

I like to consider myself a valuable and fun person to have in you’re stream. I post a lot of links on typography, logo design, identity and branding. As well as whatever is hot that day and worthwhile general news.

Im pretty ‘raw’, in that I am myself and tend to say what I’m thinking, and tend to use various profanities in context to what I am talking about. I like to debate and argue topics. I am very pro-active on Twitter.

I don’t immediately follow back all that follow me. It is logical that there will be people that follow me that I personally will not share any interests in, in these cases I tend to not follow back. I like to have meaningful associations with people on Twitter, and that means with people that I can relate to in one way or another. So please do not be offended if I don’t follow you back immediately. If you take part in conversations, help RT messages, then I will definately follow you back. I make a point of adding new followers each day, but I do it on my own terms and don’t feel it’s right to HAVE to follow back ‘just because’.


FRIENDFEED : I have a FriendFeed group called ‘Logo and Brand Identity‘. Where I post alot of goodies that I come across each day, so it’s worth signing up to if you are interested.

POSTEROUS : I also have a number of specialist blogs based around the above. Fonts and Typography, Typography Posters, Logo Design, Identity Design, Grahams Personal Blog and a heap of other mini-blogs on Posterous.

HELVETICA : I am a Helvetica nut an dhave several blogs dedicated to this fine Typeface. LoveHelvetica is the name. There is a Flickr Pool as well.

MONOEXPRESSION : Being a photography enthusiast, I have created a neat project called If you appreciate black and white photography and portraits, then I am sure you will really appreciate this site. I am always looking for new photos to add, so please do consider submitting.


Written by: Graham Smith: The Logo Smith
1st Posted: 2008/12/11 & Post Updated: 2014/05/09
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