I Want The Bestest Logo You Have Designed – Ever


DataDork by Jeff Fisher LogoMotives – Engineer of Creative Identity – http://jfisherlogomotives.com

This is not a contest

I want your bestest ever, creative, professionally crafted logo, that you designed to date, for this Inspirational Logo Design Series. Just like Mr Jeff Fisher has done, see DataDork above.If you are a freelance designer, freelance developer or have your own fully fledged agency, all our welcome.

You can see Part 1 here : The best logo designs created by you

Any designer who submits their ‘best ever logo’ can be assured that it will be listed. I’ll say again, ‘all submitted logos will be posted. This is not a contest, a competition, elitist gallery or ‘this logo is better than that logo’. I will not be choosing my favourites only, neither will I be vetting them for approval.

Just please don’t sent me 5 of your best ones and expect them all to be listed. And please make sure you read the technical requirements below before sending me anything.

Some Self Promotion – Be Proud

Given the sheer popularity of logo designing, especially amongst us hardened freelancers, I thought it would be cool to run a series of user submitted logo designs, the best logo you have designed, ever, in your entire professional life.

This will run a lot like the existing Logo Design RoundUp’s – How Designers Promote & Brand Themselves series, that has been hugely popular, now up to Part 7 as of writing this post. Head on over to I Want Your Creative Business Logo For Branding Series to see how this has been operating.

Each post will show 10-12 logos, again, similar format to the branding series.

Don’t forget the logo description

Here you can explain just why you like this design over all your others. Any information that allows us to see the logo in a bigger picture. Feel free to write as much as you want, in my experience, readers really do enjoy reading the design and thought process.

Treat this as a minor case study. The more you explain about the process, the more people can understand the reasoning, and can put the aesthetics into context. This makes for better, overall, experience. Inspiration is better when accompanied by ‘reasoning’.

Read this post Case Studies – The Real Source for Logo & Brand Identity Inspiration for further reasons why I feel that just looking at logo designs, without ‘explanation’ is a poor version of ‘inspiration’.

Name and Occupation

Please supply your full name with name of logo design. If the logo is live on a clients website, then also supply this URL at the end, so we can see the logo in context if desired. This will be the title for each logo submission. Such as this : ‘Graham Smith – llumina Wedding Photography – https://imjustcreative.com’

Specifications for the logo file

  1. The image size needs to be a minimum of 470px wide, and 223px deep. Please look through the previous series of posts for ideas on cropping etc.
  2. How you choose to display the logo, with regards to coloured background, it doesn’t matter.
  3. Please supply me a JPEG with Maximum compression.
  4. Use following naming convention : ‘{logo design name here}-logo-design.jpg’. So mine would beillumina-logo-design.jpg


If it’s popular, then it will be an ongoing series, so as and when. No immediate deadline.

Where to submit.

Please send me any images and text file to : imjustcreative (at) gmail (dot) com


Written by: Graham Smith: The Logo Smith
1st Posted: 2009/06/17 & Post Updated: 2014/05/09
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