How often do you hear the same ‘blogging’ message?

I have recently witnessed (makes me seem so important!) some Blogs where people have left casual (or even sinister) comments saying that they have read a similar article elsewhere (they do say it’s a small world after all). Well, there’s news for me. Then going as far as accusing the writer of stealing that very content. Fair enough I say if it is a blatant ‘copy and paste’, without any citing of the original article or owner, but for me it is often apparent that this is just not the case.

The articles I have read have been informative and valuable to me in my own quest to assimilate as much of the information out there, there being the (Blogosphere).

With the hopeless notion that I may myself be able to present a Blog that people will hopefully come back and visit from time to time. The Blogosphere is a huge depository of information (or library), which needs to be admired and also respected.

So reading these comments, I decided to check out these ‘other’ Blogs, where this article was supposedly ripped from. Well, for a start it was not a blatant RIP. Which is the most important thing, copying word for word is not so proper at the end of the day. In fact it’s just darn rude.

Which then leads me to think what these commentators were getting at exactly? Personally it sounded very much like they were implying that when Blog A talks about Subject A that Bloggers B-Z are then excluded about talking about Subject A as this would be seen as copying.

This astounds me no end and demonstrates a naivety beyond words.

If you applied this to News, TV’s and Radio shows, this would mean that the first person to break the news had the monopoly on it. Simply not cool.

So why should this particular Blogger get the brunt of this shallow thinking. God knows. All I know is that I probably would not of come across this particular article had it not been for this particular Blog. It was an incredibly valuable article and proved to help me no end (something about garage shelving I think). Subsequently I visited the article that was referred by the commentators as being the said ‘ripped off blog. Not even word for word, just a similar topic. So I read this and got some further valuable information (about garage shelving) that had not been covered in detail in the latter blog posting. Great for me (and my garage).

It’s all about choice.

Having the same subject raised in multiple Blogs is so very important, and commentators who have nothing better to do than to criticise about decent Blogs spreading informative information so that the greatest number of people can access it is what it’s all about.

At about the same time I posted this, I got a email update from Blog about Your Blog a post about something vaguely similar, so there are some interesting comments over there about, ermmm, Blogging about Blogging that someone else has Blogged about. Eh?

This wasn’t a one off for me either. I have come across it a number of times and started to leave me thinking is this what readers desire? Always original material, that to copy or mimic or help spread the word would be deemed as inappropriate and borderline copyright infringement? Hmmm.

If an article that is deemed to be genuine and not specifically news worthy, and a Blogger decided to use this material in his Blog as well, then a few words saying where they saw the original article is all that is needed. This keeps the original blogger happy and shows your respect by spreading the word. Everyone is happy.

Going through a crisis with social networks. So many conflicting, positive suggestions about all this that it can really send your head into a spin.

I have read a couple articles in the last month that have echoed what other Bloggers have said in a manner of speaking. Which is good as it helps me define my priorities, and also says to me that a number of my more ‘trusted’ sources are on the same wavelength which is confidence inspiring.

That you are all not trying to preach your own message just for the sake of being different.

There is nothing wrong in seeing the same message, as this helps reinforce the message, especially when it’s along the lines of advice.

I am happy to spread the word when I read an informative article. If it is something that I can relate to, and had I had the foresight myself to talk about it then re-enforcing this message by repeating it compliments the original poster. You are showing your gratitude for the original article. As long as you Trackback or link to the original post then all is cool. You have a great post and the original poster is happy as he is linked to and will no-doubt benefit from this.


Written by: Graham Smith: The Logo Smith
1st Posted: 2008/02/14 & Post Updated: 2014/05/09
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