Be Part of How Graphic Designers Brand Themselves – A Logo Design Series

How Graphic Designers Promote & Brand Themselves

A few years back now I ran a popular series of posts: How Graphic Designers Promote & Brand Themselves, which proved really popular reaching up to 15 individual posts, covering over 200 individual designers.

You can view the much older series of posts here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6, Part 7Part 8Part 9Part 10Part 11, Part 12Part 13Part 14 and Part 15.

Update: Here’s the very latest as of 15th November 2015: How Graphic Designers Promote & Brand ThemselvesLogo Design Series 16

It was touted as: “This ongoing series showcases a collection of logos and brand marks, self submitted by a bunch of freelance designers, and creative folk, in many creative areas.”

[bctt tweet=”Show, and promote, your individual company logo, along with a bio and explanation on the logo design.”]

This series presented a nice opportunity for any: logo designer, web designer, graphic designer, or any other kind of creative (writer, photographer, UI & UX, animator, illustrator etc), to show and promote their individual freelance/company logo, along with an explanation on the actual logo design, as well as a summary of their particular design skills etc.

Some of the past disciplines have included: logo design, icon design, graphic design, web design & development, UI & UX Designer, photography, illustration, marketing and advertising, and even fresh new talent in the form of design students and apprentices. :)


Be Part of the New Series

If you want to be part of this logo design series, then here are the details that you’ll need:

  1. The image must be 1200px wide and 798px deep. (look at previous posts to get an idea on layout.)
  2. Provide your name, Twitter ID and Company name/website URL in this format: Graham Smith — @TheLogoSmith — as this will fall directly under the image as a title and caption.
  3. Provide a description of who you are, what you do and anything else you think might be interesting. Again, look at past posts to get an idea of what was written previously.
  4. Send all the above information to and I’ll let you know when the post goes live.

It’d also be handy if you could just let me know that you intend to take part, so maybe send me quick email, leave a comment below, and/or send me a Tweet:

The logo submissions are displayed in alphabetical order, so no favoritism on my part.

What this collection is not

This is not a competition, it’s not a best of, it’s not a who has the best logo, it’s not a collection of logos that I have chosen. These are all logos supplied by those graphic designers that want to be part of this logo design series.

ALL submitted logos WILL be featured, and a huge thank you to everyone who is thinking of being part of it!