Hipster Branding & Logo Designs by Dave Spengeler

Hipster Branding & Logo Designs – by Dave Spengeler


Hipster Branding — Holding up a mirror to the artsy community is a super cheeky logo and brand project by Dave Spengeler on Tumblr.

There are certainly a few points to take away from looking at the first few logo interpretations, and fortunately I am not an overly hipster arty type according to Dave’s formula.

The logo directly above is certainly one of the more recent and common place design trends/clichés for which my own TPA logo fits a little too perfectly.

Just shove in 4 diagonal lines, a few nicely spaced words and instant logo. Eek.

It can be all to easy to get sucked into a design style that is everywhere and takes quite a bit of self discipline to fight the automatic pilot to conform to the mass hipster masses.

But why Hipster? Maybe cliché or lazy is more appropriate.

Source Hipster Branding | Found on SwissMiss

hipster branding hewlett packard logo design

hipster branding hewlett packard logo design



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