GRIFTER Bold – Free Font Download, Designed by Hanson Method

GRIFTER Bold designed by Hanson Method, is a clean, strong sans serif font, and well supported character/glyph wise, that just happens to be also a free font download.

It includes a range of glyphs and styles, including: uppercase, lowercase, numerals, symbols, and is multilingual.

Grifter Font Licence

It also has a very flexible font licence, meaning you can use this freely for personal and commercial uses.

Not many free fonts come with a free licence, and that also includes quite a few glyphs, so this is a good font to own.

—> Download GRIFTER Bold

If you do end up downloading this, or even just really like it, then please do pop over to Hanson Method’s Behance Profile, and visit the Grifter Project Page to give it some likes.


If you like GRIFTER Bold, but would like to use a less heavy version, then you can purchase GRIFTER Regular for a mere €15 from Hanson Method.

The two weights, Bold & Regular, make a good combo for some logo designs etc.

GRIFTER™ Regular is a must have if working with GRIFTER™ Bold, it accompanies it well and when used in combination, creates sick results.

This font can enhance a variety of styles. It can be used for a strong, aggressive, assertive look, or also be a critical asset in a clean, minimalist design.

Free Font by Hanson Method
Grifter by Hanson Method