Google My Business Website and Google Posts for The Logo Smith

The Logo Smith gets in on the Google My Business Website, and Google Posts, merry-go round; more social clutter, and SEO noise, to deal with.

Google My Business Website

Not to long ago I set-up my own version of the Google My Business Website, which you can see in all it’s mighty glory:

I only discovered the Google My Business Website by chance, as I was uploading some photos via the My Business iPhone app, so I could knock out a few Google Posts, which is another new’ish My Business update).

Can’t keep up with all this social media and SEO stuff, really can’t. But have too… snooze you lose and all that.


Google My Business Website and Google Posts for The Logo Smith

It’s not all that bad really, as the website is super-quick to set-up. Only a handful of templates to choose from, bit of copy, and BOOM.

All I did initially was to take some words from this websites About and Home page, then uploaded a variation of my Twitter profile header image, as you can see below.

No real way to style the business site to a particular brand style, other than the header image, so that really cuts the time spent messing around with this. You can’t really do buggar all with it style wise, and I guess, that’s a good thing.

The Business Site ties in nicely with the rest of your My Business services; shows the most recent of your Google My Business photo uploads (which I try to update daily, along with your local business search map.)


My Business Google Posts for The Logo Smith

Google Posts

The other recent update to My Business is Google Posts, and this ties in nicely with your Knowledge Panel in search results.

Google Posts are actually quite fun to do, it’s more like a micro-blogging service, with a 7-day post expiry limit.

It’s good for posting time sensitive updates about your brand, business, services etc. You get up to 300 words, and also one squared up photograph, to make your point.

All Google Posts will show up to 10 posts simultaneously, via a carousel type display, which the user can scroll through to see those not showing in the panel.

I try to post a Google Post on a daily basis (see examples above), along with uploading recent images to do with my freelance logo design business.

Ultimately, if all this helps prospective clients find me, or stumble over me, enough to want to hire me for their logo design, then I’ll do whatever needs to be done.

To Wrap Up

Honestly, I’m not really into writing about Google and SEO stuff, but felt this was interesting enough to mention.

Important enough to link out to this excellent blog, Google My Business & Local Search, by Mike Blumenthal.

You’ll get all the info you need about Google Posts, and My Business Website, plus other local search news.