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I have only just recently signed up to myself, so if you are a avid user, do get in contact, love to hear from you. So following my fascination with making these small chicklets and badges, I thought that it was about time to do some that would satisfy my music craving. After doing one for Fuzz, seemed appropriate.

Since the chaps at Profilactic started using the one I did for them Powered by Profilactic badge that was previously knocked up, I have been enthused to do further Web applications and social networks.

So feel free to use and abuse this logo, small request at bottom of this post.


Ofcourse you are free to use these however you wish. It would be appreciated though if you could find somehow to link to this page or at least my site. Nothing obtrusive, just maybe a link in your Blogroll or something. That would be nice.


Written by: Graham Smith: The Logo Smith
1st Posted: 2008/04/30 & Post Updated: 2012/04/30
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