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From my Illustration Portfolio – George Michael Portrait

George Michael Portrait Illustration

George Michael - Faith

As with my previous portrait pencil illustrations, Kate Bush, Hannibal Lectar and Elvis Presely, this one of George Michael was copied from a photo, in this case, a record sleeve (yes, not CD, a record) from the "Faith" album.

I loved the general moodiness and darkness of this portrait, but translating that level of darkness and shadow into pencil can sometime be a bit tricky. The challenging part of this illustration was the eye area. Creating it so that you could imagine the eye being in there, and allowing the mind to actually see it, when it's not actually there. I know it should be there obviously, because that is where eye's usually go, but in terms of filling in the pieces.

George Michael CD Cover

So the surrounding features had to be reproduced almost 'identically' to the photo to pull it off. I did have to go through more than several tries to get it looking right. Patience as always is somewhat of a virtue when drawing.

As with the other illustrations, a combination of charcoal, Indian ink and the full range of pencil weights were used to pull this one off.

Some TLC

As with all my original drawings, many have seen better days.There has been a slight use of Photoshop in this version. As these were drawn some years ago, the original sheets have become slightly soiled, the odd crease and pencil marks being worn away. Not to mention light fade. So a high resolution scan then some retouching to bring it back to close to how it originally looked before the soft 'B' pencil marks were rubbed and faded away. I have really boosted the shadow areas in this version, but the pencil marks in the mid-tones and highlight areas still very much visible.

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