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TwitterBacks or Tweetures

So not one to feel left out, I have come up with some neat Twitter Backgrounds (Tweetures) for your enjoyment. Twitter backgrounds have become a huge part of Twitter, with many Twitter background websites springing up almost daily. One of my favourites for displaying these backgrounds is the Twitter BackGrounds Gallery where a fellow creative friend of mine, Calvin Lee (@mayhemstudios) has also written an excellent post on how to create them yourself.

Typography Series

These are simple and clean with a subtle Typography element to them. I wanted to design something that I would potentially use myself, which makes it easier for me to design. If other people like them also, then that’s a nice bonus.

You can see one in action here :

This is part 1, and I have a further selection ready to be posted, one for each day of the week if you are so inclined.

I have kept the main focus of the message down the left side, where it is always visible. And rely on the textured background to fill out the rest. I see so many cool backgrounds, but they have so much of the great detail slap bang in the middle which to me is somewhat pointless given you would rarely see this level of detail. 

Each series will be colour coded and feature a specific typography term.


These are web optimised JPEG’s, and are created at 1600px x 1275px.

When selecting in Twitter, you don’t need to tile them, I would recomend you just set the background to Black, as the right and bottom of the background image is set to black. So there will be no harsh lines showing due to various colour values down these edges.

Free for your enjoyment

So feel free to download here and enjoy these Twitter backgrounds. I would ask that these are not modified without express permission from myself or passed off as a creation of yours or someone else. Just common sense stuff.

Download : Typography Back Series 1


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