Free Fonts Wanted for Font Download Series & Epic Pimping

If you are an existing reader of ImJustCreative , then you will no doubt be aware that I like to source the ‘finer’ OpenSource and Free Fonts and help spread the love via this site. And by ‘finer’, I mean fonts that are generally conceived with love and pride and more importantly, attention to detail.

Exclusive free font downloads available via ImJustCreative:

Open Source fonts such as Titillium, Neighbourhood and CP Mono Beta as well as more unusual fonts that often don’t find the limelight, like the brilliant Logarde Thin, these fonts show quite brilliantly that some ‘free’ fonts can be used reliably for commercial work, and that you don’t have to take out a risk assessment when downloading that latest freebie from ‘’ etc.

Open Source fonts are paving the way for high easily accessible and customizable, quality typefaces, no longer do we have to feel guilty about using free fonts. Well, we do, but at least there is light on the horizon.

Being a freelancer logo designer, finances can mean having to be rather creative with sourcing supplies. I for one am really up for doing all I can to provide more and more motivation and support for the talented peep’s who create fonts for us to use.

For sure, some of these are geared towards the display styles, suitable for use at higher point sizes. Examples of this maybe short copy text like logo designs, or posters. The ‘Days‘ typeface is a recent example of a display font that has attention to details in abundance. As well as the chunky/phat and popular modular font styles.

If you are a serious typographer?

Do you design fonts? Have you created your first ever font and need to ‘get it out there’? Do you create usable and quality fonts like the ones listed above? Do you include reasonable glyphs like standard punctuation, Cyrillic characters, bold, italic? Do you care about the sanity of the end user with details like kerning? Or do you like crafting modular, phat display fonts? Then read on.

Beta, not yet complete? Need some motivation?

Logarde Thin, when I found it on Behance, was one weight and minus punctuation and numbers. But the font in general looked superb and from my eyes, had serious potential. Since I added it to ImJustCreative, it has become the most commented and downloaded font. Kudos to Sebastian for sticking with it.

This whole Beta thing is something I am really hyped up over. There are even semi complete typefaces out there that if you ask nicely, the designer will email you a vector file of the work so far. A great example of this is the Matey Typeface. You may be struggling for motivation, possibly thinking it’s going nowhere, but until you do the ‘trial by fire’, how will you know? If  you have a promising new font like Matey, but it’s only available as a vector file, then I definitely want to hear from you.


Exclusive Font Downloads

Fortunately, I have been granted ‘exclusive’ download rights to some fonts found on Behance, these include : Expanded Font, Vilhelmia Font, Clipper Font, Teodoria Font

This comes about because sometimes the designer does not have the reader base or reach on their own website to warrant making the font available, or they just have not even thought that far down the line.

Smashing Magazine

With the support of Smashing Magazine, I am also now planning to post some of these ‘exclusive’ font downloads via Smashing Magazine, opposed to IJC. This ultimately depends on the style of quality of font and the final say of Smashing Magazine, but if you consider making your font exclusively available for us, you can be assured of epic promotion and reach with 1000’s of regular readers.

So, yes to some of the above?

If so, and you are looking for more platforms to promote your work, rather than just have it sitting in your portfolio, then give me a shout. I’ll pimp it till my fingers are raw, and have it available in my little archive. Would love to hear from you. All I can promise is that I will help ensure that your hard work is seen by more people.

I can’t guarantee I will add every suggested font, so please try not to be offended if this is the case. Some of it is down to my own personal preference, which is subjective, just like design.


Written by: Graham Smith: The Logo Smith
1st Posted: 2009/11/21 & Post Updated: 2014/05/09
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