Free Chilled Audio Mix for Download by Andy Schneider – DJAS

In my occasional dealings with Andy, the founder of Redux, the subject of music came about. In reply to one of my probing questions, Andy sent me a link to a music mix with a ‘walking crowd’ video, also on Redux. The suggestion was that I listen to this track whilst watching this video, at times of stress. I listened to the track spellbound. Immediately I asked Andy if I could post a link to the track, as I was sure many others would enjoy it.

Download : Home.mp3

Ensure you credit Andy where ever possible.

Description by Andy Schneider

While I usually mix progressive house and other styles of club music, I was inspired to make a mix that used the same progressive mixing techniques that I use in a club, only with non-club music.  I also wanted to include many of my favorite artists who I would never be able to play out as a glossary of my own taste, so the result is very personal and meaningful to me.  It was mixed and recorded entirely in the digital domain with audio quality in mind, and I’d love to hear what you guys think.

Also, thanks to Graham [Redux profile:] for allowing me the opportunity to share it with a major audience for the first time.  In case you didn’t know, he’s one of the few Recommended Users on my social entertainment site Redux, another project that I’ve poured a lot of myself [Redux profile:] into.

Check that out too if you ever find yourself bored behind a computer and need a little something more than music :)


  1. @0:00:00  Arab Strap – Loch Leven Intro
  2. @0:01:45  Locsil – Mistralx
  3. @0:02:49  M83 – Let Men Burn Stars
  4. @0:05:00  Tall Paul vs. INXS – Precious Heart (Lush Mix)
  5. @0:08:07  Way Out West – Earth [Overdub: Tool – Eon Blue Apocalypse]
  6. @0:10:37  Voyager One – Life, Truth, and Light
  7. @0:15:05  Juno Reactor – Conquistador I
  8. @0:19:04  Michael Stearns – Monk With Bell
  9. @0:20:01  Thomas Newman – Any Other Name
  10. @0:21:00  Bjork – Visur Vatnsenda
  11. @0:24:51  Kaki King – Frame
  12. @0:26:36  Bjork – So Broken (Live)
  13. @0:32:19  Amina – Untitled 1
  14. @0:36:24  A Perfect Circle – Over
  15. @0:38:24  Venetian Snares – Hiszékeny
  16. @0:40:01  Negative Entropy – A Desert Realm of Fish
  17. @0:40:18  Sigur Rós – Ba Ba
  18. @0:46:09  Tosca – D-Moll
  19. @0:46:48  Vertiform – Liquid Japanese
  20. @0:55:44  Thursday – A0001
  21. @0:56:06  Thursday – |1100
  22. @0:57:38  The Books – S Is For Evrysing
  23. @1:00:06  Dual Tone – Atom (Dub Massacre 2) [Overdub: William Orbit – Ogive Number 1]
  24. @1:04:57  Unkle – Glow
  25. @1:08:13  The Beta Band – Broekn Up Adingdong
  26. @1:12:35  Mira Calix – Flicker
  27. @1:12:52  Mira Calix – Do I Ever?
  28. @1:14:08  Aphex Twin – On (Reload Mix)


Written by: Graham Smith: The Logo Smith
1st Posted: 2010/01/21 & Post Updated: 2014/05/09
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