Floppy Disk Diskette Sleeve Collection by Jason Scott

Floppy Disk Nostalgia Alert

Floppy Sleeves: Winter Frost Edition; this is just a delightful collection of some wonderful nostalgic memories of a time forever etched in my memory,

Quite a number of these I can remember from my teenage years. Quite a few seem to be quite localised to the US, but there are the other big name brands that are super familiar.

Apple disk 2 ii 11 Floppy DIsk Cover Sleeves

A few of my favourite vintage floppy diskette sleeves are: Polaroid, IBM, Apple, Commodore and Kodak.

Worth noting that a few of these brands are still using the same logo, or just every so slightly tweaked: Apple, IBM, Polaroid etc.

→ Found Via @presentcorrect Present and CorrectFloppy Sleeves: Winter Frost Edition a wonderful find by a vast collection of scanned in Floppy Disk Sleeves.

Scotch Disk Floppy DIsk Cover Sleeves

The Internet Archive

These are all stored as a collection on the Internet Archive website, which also offers the super cool Way Back Machine: Explore more than 769 billion web pages saved over time.

All of these Floppy Disk Sleeves are scanned in at 600dpi resolution, using Vuescan, and all are downloadable.

Not to brag; The Internet Archive is one of a few organisations that I feel are worth sponsoring, along with Wikipedia, so if you feel the Internet Archive is an amazing source of information, then please do consider making a donation.

EPYX Floppy DIsk Cover Sleeves
3m Diskette Disk Floppy DIsk Cover Sleeves

About the Floppy Diskette Sleeve Collection by Jason Scott

A random scanning of floppy disk sleeves from contributed collections – scanned at 600dpi into TIFF by Vuescan, by Jason Scott. 

In the era of the 5.25″ floppy disk (roughly 1975-1995), the disks had a window to the disc inside that exposed the magnetic media to open air. (A re-design of disks in 3.5″ form factors added a spring-loaded “door” that would automatically close down and protect the media. To reduce exposure and damage to this fragile media, a paper or plastic sleeve would be provided with the floppy disk to cover this window. On this sleeve were often instructions (somewhat standardized) to encourage careful treatment of the floppy.

Over time, the simplicity of the floppy sleeve design along with the wide open space on it encouraged the creation of custom printings, both for individual software products, and for large runs of general floppy disk sets (boxes of 10, 50 or 100). Some of these large-run general purpose floppy disk images are strongly identified with this period in the minds of those who lived through them. Many are objectively pleasant to see.

This compilation is utterly random and represents all the unique designs that were not solid colors that passed through Jason Scott’s hands in the month of January, 2019.

by Jason Scott | Publication Date 2019-01 | Language English

Floppy Disk Diskette Sleeve Collection by Jason Scott

Below is just a super small selection of the collection, so please do head over to the Internet Archive and take a look at the entire floppy disk archive.

Floppy Sleeves: Winter Frost Edition

Datalife Floppy DIsk Cover Sleeves
Readers Digest Diskette Floppy DIsk Cover Sleeves
Scotch 3M Disk Floppy DIsk Cover Sleeves
Kangaroo Floppy DIsk Cover Sleeves
Fuji Film Floppy DIsk Cover Sleeves
Kodak Diskette Disk Floppy DIsk Cover Sleeves
Apple Disk Floppy DIsk Cover Sleeves
Super Disk Floppy DIsk Cover Sleeves
Super Disk Floppy DIsk Cover Sleeves
BASF Floppy Diskette DIsk Cover Sleeves

BASF Floppy Diskette DIsk Cover Sleeves