Fancy being let loose on ImJustCreative?

Now, I know my site is not much right now. He says looking down and shaking his sadly pathetically! But, I have huge aspirations, and these are taking time to get going, so much marketing, networking and other stuff like a bit of work now and again.

Point is, I would really appreciate some posts being written for ImJustCreative by anyone I follow on Twitter who has the ability to string more than a paragraph together. You don’t need your own Blog at all, you don’t need to prove anything whatsover to me or anyone. You can be 12 or 100 years old, I really don’t care. So long as it is of interest to some readers. If you have a niché then great, let me know. There is no real restriction on content, just so long as it encompasses something about design, social networking, blogging, technology, best of lists, reviews etc. It can be serious, funny or just ‘whatever’. I love irony, I love ‘risky’ or controversial offerings, just see

I am not interested in Politics or Religion, so please do not include references to these. Sounds harsh, but that’s just how it is… :)

I do plan to keep this as a routine offering, not so much for ‘famous or semi famous Bloggers’ but for everyone else, just a way to help others reach new readers.

You can include links to your own site ofcourse, and link back to any relevant articles on your own Blog that you want to reference, even other blogs that you might want to reference. Mr Don’t Take the Piss is ofcourse watching.

I will make it very clear who you are and any details about your own site and your Twitter details as well and I will do my best to create a audience for you.

If you are interested, just contact me via the contact form with your suggestions


Written by: Graham Smith: The Logo Smith
1st Posted: 2008/09/19 & Post Updated: 2014/05/09
Filed In Categories: Blogging, Brand Identity

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