Epic Selection of New and Used Web Books for Sale

As mentioned on Twitter, here is a huge list of books that I have procured over the last two years that I am selling off. Before I decided to focus on Logo Design, I had planned to get my fingers dirty with web design and development. Throw myself into it, bought stupid quantities of books and did learn a lot and was very interested in it all.

But soon realised that it was just something that was beyond my abilities. Maybe if I had decided to dedicate ALL my time I might have got somewhere, but I didn’t want to to do that. I still wanted to do general design and logo design.

So realising I couldn’t have both worlds, made the decision to completely stop wasting my time educating myself. The whole process of learning and researching gave me an immense amount of respect for those designers and developers that do this full time for a living. It’s bloody hard work and requires total dedication. Now I am happy to pay professionals to do any web work I need for myself or for others, and I am very happy with that decision.

But I am now left with a huge selection of books, some not even read, some read once, some well thumbed and marked and highlighted.
They are not all new, but some are.

I did consider giving them away, paying for postage only individually, but as there are so many, I frankly couldn’t be arsed. So I have decided to offer them all up as one huge package, for what I feel is a giveaway price.

The Deal

As I feel there will be a number of people VERY interested in this, I think I will collect names of those seriously prepared to pay the money, then just pick a name out at random. Don’t want to do the ‘first come first served’ as given the time-zones, its not fair on many people.

The package is £125 and this includes postage within the UK only. Please bear in mind, postage for these books is silly money, many are very heavy. So they will probably be sent by ParcelForce or something like that. The overall cost I am charging I feel is VERY reasonable given the inclusion of postage.

If you are out of the UK, then postage will be extra and down to you to pay.

So, if you do want these books. Please leave a comment below, with your Twitter Username, then in a few days I will pick out one name.

Important – Non UK Residents

The one problem I see with this is logistical. As I am in the UK, and  given the incredible weight of all these books combined, I’m not sure its financially practical to send overseas. However, if you are prepared to foot the postage costs, then I will consider sending out of the UK.

From past experience, sending overseas will cost around £50-£80, for a package this heavy and large. Could be cheaper, but that’s worse case scenario.

The List

Beginning HTML with CSS and XHTML – Apres
Beginning PHP and MySQL 5 – Apres
Web Design in a Nutshell – O-Reilly
Build your own website the right way using HTML and CSS – SitePoint
The Design of Sites – Prentice Hall

Blog Design Solutions – Friends of Ed

PHP 6 and MySQL 5 – Visual QuickPro Guide
Website Cookbook – O’Reilly
CSS Mastery – Advanced Web Standard Solutions – Friends of Ed
The CSS Anthology 2nd Edition – Sitepoint
Web Development Solutions – Friends of Ed
Web Accessibility Web Standards and Regulatory Compliance – Friends of Ed

Web Standard Solutions – Friends of Ed
Learning JQuery – Packt Publishing
DOM Scripting – Friends of Ed
Web Analytics – An Hour a day – Sybex
How to do everything with PHP & MySQL – Osborne
Beginning CSS Web Development – Apres

Web Standards Creativity – Friends of Ed
Designing with Web Standards – New Riders
Sams Teachyourself XML in 24hrs
HTML Mastery – Friends of Ed
BulletProof Web Design – new Riders
Sams Teachyourself HTML and CSS in 24 hrs


Written by: Graham Smith: The Logo Smith
1st Posted: 2009/10/20 & Post Updated: 2009/11/01
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