Creating a unique Blog post just get’s harder and harder

I’m not new to Blogging, and know how cut-throat it can be if you are trying to rise amongst everyone else who seems to be talking about the same message. Trying to come up with unique content is just damn hard.

I have several Blogs that I attend to from time to time. By no means a regular contributor to them, but they still serve a function and I enjoy knowing that they are there when I feel like writing on them. One of them was my main Blog about my experiences with BiPolar, called GrahamsBlog. Secondly I have created a rather specialised site for my girlfriend Anna to do with Legal Consultancy and who own business that speciliase in Flexible Working, Time4Balance. The other one is pretty specialized as it talks about the hardships of Mothers who loose their Children in the Court of Law because they have BiPolar.

I subscribe to, what seems, 100’s of blogs, and my Inbox is always crammed with the latest email updates.

I have a broad range of Blog’s that I subscribe to but one thing always hits me, on a daily basis. I see the same message appearing in usually more than one blog each day. This means the same message is being repeated, all be it in a different manner or a different take or angle, but nevertheless, the subject gets repeated frequently.

Just this morning, I have 4 Blog’s all talking about Stumble Upon as the main post. Nothing wrong in this at all, and I am not criticising at all. I am simply pointing out that trying to be unique for the sake of being unique is just damn hard. With so many Blogs, tripping over each other it’s hardly surprising.

So if the Big Blogs can do it, why do I often see that smaller Blog’s get a hard time when they repeat a story. Doesn’t figure for me. And as I mentioned in a previous post ‘How often do you hear the same ‘blogging’ message?’, it’s all good. The information, although on a similar topic, will usually be worded and phrased totally different, with their own unique thoughts and conclusions. Never before could you get such a rich variation of coverage on the same topic. Yes, it does make sifting through the repeating elements time consuming, but it can be worth persevering for that one crucial unique opinion or advice.

I really struggle some days. I just look at the Blog’s I feel are so damned cool and think I just don’t have a chance to make any sort of impact at all. Then I realise, or I have to sit back and force myself to be a little more open minded. Just talk about what the hell you want. If you find a voice or a group of people that like what you say then go for it. Don’t try to conform for the sake of conforming, especially if you are not committed as the top bloggers are. They work damn hard and they are rewarded for that work with high subscription counts.

If you feel you are struggling to add any unique value to an already overcrowded population, think about getting a little more personal. Rather than just hop onto the next big story, or the next SEO tip, try to apply some personallity and be brave about writing about something that is not mainstream. I don’t mean turn into a regular day by day diary of how many times you go to the toilet, but try a different take.

Realise that if you are blogging about SEO, Google, Marketing, Advertising, then you certainly have your hands full in trying to make a splash.

Don’t fret. Just try being you and rather than think you have to come up with a unique idea every day, relax, because you don’t. It’s practicably impossible nowadays to talk about something to do with blogging that has not already been covered before.

For my other Blogs, writing unique content is easier as the message is quite personal, and it is not that mainstream. I say easier, the subject matter on personal level is very hard as it is something that affects me on a daily basis, and there is only so much of it you can take yourself before it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Time out from these very personal issues is important. I’m not trying to achieve Blogdom with them, they are there to share a message, a painful message.

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Written by: Graham Smith: The Logo Smith
1st Posted: 2008/02/18 & Post Updated: 2014/05/09
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