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Expanding my Mini-Post idea, and some inspiration from Colin at CK Marketing (aka A Geeks Journey) I have decided to add the following.

If you have read my Guest Post over at Elite By Design “The very real value of-proper-commenting” or here republished on my own site, then this will make more sense to you. As I do spend a lot of time commenting on sites, usually at the expense of leaving my own comments and keeping my own Blog fed, I wondered how I could use these ‘comments’ to my own Blog’s advantage and at the same time, also benefit’s the sites I visit regularly. And ofcourse keep Google interested in me

So after some inspiration from Colins way of ‘highlighting’ regular readers, I have decided to actually re-post the more significant comments I leave on these other sites on my own blog as a Mini-Post, with a link back to the original post.

This means I get to add some fresh content to my own Blog allowing my readers to see that although I may not be ‘apparently’ terribly active on my own site, I am however busy leaving notes for other people. This way it can further the original article, benefits the original author and benefits me and my own readers.

So as a starting point. This morning Colin posted about Visitors for March, I left some comments and here we are, a sample of that conversation.

March Visitors

I’ve always wanted to reward the regular visitors but found it so time consuming to go through all the comments. But since installing the Top Commentators plugin, it’s made it a lot easier to track who the regulars are. There are also the card droppers… So what I am going to do is find and show a post from each of the top 5 commentators and show just the link to the top five droppers each month. This gives Entrecarders and regular bloggers equal opportunity at getting a link-back.

Hi Colin,
This is a wonderful idea from the readers perspective and certainly benefits us mere minions (or me anyway!).

I know some people are unsure about the actual benefits of the TC plug-in from the commenter’s point of view, the work it can take to stay close to the top for the larger blogs etc.

But for me, I really don’t look at it as a incentive to post. It really is just me wanting to post because I like the blog, I like the feel of it, i like the article… it’s these that drive me to post a comment.

Because of these points, then yes, I do get a benefit from it. Technorati loves the TC plug-in, especially from my point of view. But more importantly to me, it allows other readers to see that people are drawn back to a particular site and are compelled (for whatever reason) to leave comments. That they (me) spend time actually contributing to the site by furthering the conversation.

What I am trying to say is, I still comment on blogs regularly that I have no change of getting in the TC list, so this isn’t the main motivation for me.

But I am however very greatful to the site author when they do ‘reward’ the regulars. Just like going down to your ‘local pub’ and the staff knowing what you drink before you even have to ask for it. Familiarity is a great thing.


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