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Logo Design Trends Come and Go – It’s an Oxymoron

In my previous articles on logo design costs and the general attitude towards logo design in general, I have also …

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Thoughts on Logo Design Perception & Value

I have been thinking a lot recently about the whole logo design and pricing dilemma. After reviewing a number of …

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Want a cheap logo? Go and get some clip art then

The Logo Smith

In Brand Identity, Opinion Posted

"What are your rates, what do you charge for logo design?" Seemingly harmless in itself and frankly on the surface …

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I Need a Logo Designed for Free Please, thanks Buddy.

There is, in every industry, the unavoidable anally sore fact that what you do to earn a living, will be …

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Fonts & Typefaces – Reasons Why I Purchase Commercial Fonts

For me, fonts/typefaces are the most important part of what I do, the most crucial ingredient. The fonts from structure, …

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