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Logo Process – JoomlaBamboo Identity Development

A relatively simple brief for this logo project. Right from the beginning I was able to get a handle on …

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From my Logo Portfolio – Mack Camera Logo Design Process

To design a logo that is bold, different to the other many camera and video on-line shops. Something that grabs …

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Logo Design Roundup Part 4 – Over 50 Ways Designers Promote & Brand Themselves

This is the fourth part in a series showcasing a collection of logos and brand marks, self submitted by a …

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LoveHelvetica Logo Design – The possible Winner?

If you have come to this post wondering what the blazes all this is about, then if you head over …

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The ImJustCreative Branding Story – Part 3 – The Me Brand

The Logo Smith

In Logo Process Posted

I am a BrandMight seem a little arrogant or even flighty, starry eyed ideals of what I would like to …

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