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Brand Logo Mix Designed by Mike Stefanini from Atomike Studios

Brand Logo Mix, by Mike Stefanini, from Atomike Studios, is a fun look at how certain popular brand logos would look like on completely unrelated consumer brand items.

How about: the Nike logo on a Coca-Cola can; Tomato Ketchup as an aerosol to spray on your dinner; drinking some Pepsi from a car oil container; cleaning your windows with some Starbucks coffee spray…

The Shell logo on a milk carton is a bit icky tho…

Lovely little brand logo project, and I particularly love the style of illustration, rather than trying to go for photo realistic renders.

Brand Logo Mix Designed by Atomike Studios


Mike Stefanini: "Almost inadvertently I had approached the design of a Coca-Cola can of the Nike logo... I found it nicely subversive, so I decided to apply this principle to other consumer products..."


Atomike Studio on Instagram

Incidentally, Mike has a wonderfully colourful Instagram account, that is definitely work following:


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