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BP Logo Redesign – GreenPeace BP Logo Flickr Set

So far, over 5 pages of logo redesigns for the Greenpeace logo redesign competition, some nice idea's in this Flickr set. With such tag lines as 'Broken Promises',  'British Poison', 'Bloody Planet', 'Biological Pathogen', 'Big Profits', 'Below Pride', 'Beyond Pollution', & 'Bad People' the Real BP, will have some challenge to shed all these negative associations.

BP GreenPeace Logo Redesign Flickr Set

A few thoughts

Regardless of the oil disaster, the BP helios logomark is stunning. In some respects, a real shame that such a beautiful identity is now tainted with such a global disaster.

Wonder what Landor and Olgivy are thinking right now. Their beautiful creation now associated with such global condemnation? Something as catastrophic as this, in terms of negative publicity and marketing may be hard to overcome.

What's in store for BP? Will it become the bad memory that Exxon became? MarketingWeek says a rebrand cannot plug a credibility gap.

Also, what will happen with the planned Olympics in 2012? BP was planning to be part of the Olympic brand presence for London 2012.

If you believe BP is dragging it's heels with the fixing of the oil problem, this article, Is BP trying to cap the Gulf oil well, or keep it flowing? should keep you happy.

BP is in a nightmare situation, as of course is the natural environment that has fallen victim to the oil rig's demise.

What will recover first, BP or the environment?

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