Book Review – Really Good Logos Explained

Yet another book from Rockport, swear half my collection of books are from Rockport. Most of which are logo design orientated. Actually, whilst talking about Rockport, I do love their logo that you find on the book sleeves. Very elegant. And just dig the letter ‘p’.

So one of the authors, Alex W. White, below, starts of with this quote:

The opposite of ‘really good’ is not ‘bad’, ‘mediocre’, or even ‘dreadful.’ The opposite of ‘really good’ is ‘random’.

The book has 4 authors :

  • Margo Chase
  • Rian Huges
  • Ron Miriello
  • Alex W. White

The book starts with a double page spread of each author as the images top and bottom show. You get an immediate insight into their views on what logo design is all about. Kind of a comfort feature for the book, knowing who will be reviewing and commenting on each logo.

Each author also has a double page spread of Q&A’s and also their own 10 Mistakes Designers Make When Creating a Logo.

After the pleasantries are done with, we get into the real meat of the book. There are 6 Chapters in all covering about 290 pages.

  • Chapter 1 : Loud & Proud – Bold or Risky Designs that Work
  • Chapter 2 : Sleek & Subtle – Underrated Designs that Work
  • Chapter 3 : Shelf Savvy – Retail Orientated Logos
  • Chapter 4 : Smart & Effective – Clever Solutions for Everyday Companies
  • Bonus Chapter : Not-So-Good Logos, Explained
  • Just for Fun – Authors Favourites, Explained

As you can see from these page shots, each logo is given a nice amount of space to breath with details next to the logo, who designed it and for who etc. Then typically, the facing page then has each author giving their own opinion on each logo. Explaining why they like it, what could be improved, or even just saying its perfect etc.

This is a great format as it allows you to see a logo in a format that many other Logo Design books don’t cover.

The end

Books of this nature are pretty predictable in terms of structure and content, but this does take the more informative route. The book carries the same format all the way through, so other than the first few pages, the rest of the book is dedicated to analyzing each logo design, one page after the other and so on. And there is indeed a awesome collection of logo styles with some amazingly honest insights from the authors.

As with the majority of Rockport books, it is a heavy covered publication, with spot-UV and embossing on the cover, so feels like real ‘bling’ in your hands.

This books gets leafed through quite a lot, not as much as ‘Logo’ – Logo Design and Inspiration, but nevertheless, it is one of my favorite books sitting on my coffee table.

Has plenty of coffee stains to boot.

It is a worth while purchase in my opinion, the reviews of each logo are pretty enlightening at times and because of this, the book becomes more interesting and useful then say, the Logo Lounge series of books, that just show logo after logo.


Written by: Graham Smith: The Logo Smith
1st Posted: 2009/02/05 & Post Updated: 2014/05/09
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