Book Review – Imago Mundi – pictograms, ideograms

Imagomundi is a new release on Amazon which arrived early yesterday after having it back ordered for some months. It’s not a logo design book but it is a book full of concept icons, pictograms, ideograms and signs for utility/usefullness.

The recurring theme is simplicty, interest and usefullness.

Focusuing on new ways to visualise common signs.

Reduction means to find the simplest expression of an object, its natural essence.

I am very much into the simplification in my logo designs, trying to say more with a lot less. Stripping away all the clutter, leaving just the bare bones visuals. Seeking new and interesting ways to visuliase something that has been done a million times before.

Imagomundi has many wonderful concepts, pictogram ideas… seeing how all these designers have been able to perceive common and cliché images and come up with new and interesting ways to break the mold.

If you are into reduction and simplification, then Imagmundi is a worth while book, it will get you looking at things in a whole new level of interesting simplicity.

Although it is not a logo design book, it will help you focus your creative thinking onto a new level. It will help you look at common objects in a new light and may be of help to you in a new logo design project further down the line.

Buy on Amazon for £25

“Picts can be defined as a simplified representation of unalterable proportions which is characterised by profile positions, achromatism and a lack of detail that would be imperceptible from some distance. Thus, the innate simplification of picts is necessary in order to project only one essential.”

“If one cannot easily achieve true universal usability and utility, one other approach to uni versatility is appeal. Do the signs intrigue? Do they attract the viewer? Do they provide mystery? Do they provide humour? Do they make us smile, or even laugh?”

“… (the) visual iconicity, understood both as process and result, is the bearer of a cognitive potential of great scope, as regards both theoretical reflection and concrete experience.” – Tomás Maldonado

Book CD

The book comes with a CD full of editable icons in EPS format, 1450 icons to be exact. There is also a rather unique typeface included.


Written by: Graham Smith: The Logo Smith
1st Posted: 2010/10/21 & Post Updated: 2011/12/05
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