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“Collecting Submissions for Your Best Ever Logo Design” is an opportunity to get one of your favourite logo designs showcased on this blog as well as being able to provide some words on the how, why and when that helps put all our designs in context. Part 1 of Your Best Ever Logo Design was done a while ago so now looking to collect for Part 2.

Any designer who submits their ‘best ever logo’ can be assured that it will be listed. All submitted logos will be posted as this is not a: contest, competition, elitist gallery or a ‘this logo is better than that logo’.

Some Self Promotion – Be Proud

Given the sheer popularity of logo designing I just thought it would be cool to run a series of user submitted logo designs, the best logo you have designed,  as an alternative to the myriad of logo inspiration websites.

Ultimately I just wanted to be able to provide a simple platform for creatives to show off the logo designs that they are most proud of. I’m not just talking about the best looking logo here; maybe you had a project that just took all your cunning to complete, and you are proud of the work and effort that went in to it but isn’t the coolest looking logo you have done.

You choose what the criteria are here so maybe it’s your best looking logo, or maybe one that shows off a certain design style or maybe a design that is more technical in execution over how awesomely polished it is. Your choice.

This will run a lot like the existing Logo Design RoundUp’s – How Designers Promote & Brand Themselves series that has been hugely popular. Head on over to I Want Your Creative Business Logo For Branding Series to see how this has been operating.

“Out On A Limb” by Kristine Johnson —

The Logo Description

The key to this idea is providing context to your logo design so it is an opportunity to explain just why you like this design over all your others as well as any information that allows us to see the logo in a bigger picture. Feel free to write as much as you want as readers do find the explanations to be useful when considering an overall design.

Treat this as a minor case study.

The more you explain about the process the more people can understand the reasoning, and can put the aesthetics into context. Inspiration is better when accompanied by ‘reasoning’.

Tell us if logo designing is your speciality, or if it’s something you do from time to time, as well as how long you have been doing it.

Mosaic Homes” by Trish Schaefer —

Name and Occupation

Please supply your full name with name of logo design. If the logo is live on a clients website then please also provide this URL if you so wish.

This will be the title for each logo submission. Such as this : ‘Graham Smith – PedalWorks –’

Specifications for the logo file

  1. The image size needs to be a minimum of 470px wide, and 320px deep. Please look through Part 1 for ideas on cropping etc.
  2. Please supply me a JPEG with Maximum compression.
  3. Use following naming convention : ‘{logo design name here}-logo-design.jpg’. So mine would be ‘pedalworks-logo-design.jpg
  4. Please send me any images and text file to : imjustcreative (at) gmail (dot) com

This is not a voting platform or a means to prioritise one logo over another. Every submission I get will be added to the list assuming you provide all the relevant information.



Written by: Graham Smith: The Logo Smith
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