Aquatico Font – Free Typeface Designed by Andrew Herndon

Aquatico Font designed by Andrew Herndon

Aquatico Font – A Geometric Rounded Free Typeface Designed by Andrew Herndon

Aquatico is a gorgeously clean and smooth free font, designed by Andrew Herndon; a new typeface inspired by sea creatures found deep on the ocean floor.

It has hallmarks of smooth rounded geometric fonts, such as Ultima and Bryant, VAG Rounded for example, but with some key style differences, in letters such as: A, R, P etc.

Aquatic is an all upper-case only font, but still offers some great design possibilities, for free!

–> Download Aquatico Font via Behance

About Andrew

My studio specializes in identity design, type design & print communication for living, luxury and lifestyle brands.

Give Andrew Some Prop’s

If you end up using Aquatico in any of your graphic designs, then I’d kindly suggest that you head over to Andrew’s Behance Profile, and give him some prop’s for this hard work, and generosity.

Aquatico Font designed by Andrew Herndon

Aquatico Font designed by Andrew Herndon


Geometric Fonts: As their name suggests, Geometric sans-serif typefaces are based on geometric shapes, like near-perfect circles and squares.[22] Common features are a nearly-exactly circular capital “O” and a “single-story” lowercase letter “a”.

The ‘M’ is often splayed and the capitals of varying width, following the classical model. Of these four categories, geometric fonts tend to be the least useful for body text and often used for headings and small passages of text.

The geometric sans originated in Germany in the 1920s.[23] Two early efforts in designing geometric types were made by Herbert Bayer and Jakob Erbar, who worked respectively on Universal Typeface (unreleased at the time but revived digitally as Architype Bayer) and Erbar (circa 1925).[24] In 1927 Futura, by Paul Renner, was released to great acclaim and popularity.