Apple Garageband Musical Composition – ‘Shine On’

This is the latest in a series of musical compositions that I have been put together, this one being one of the most complex but most gratifying of tunes using Apple’s Garageband.

I am finding a creative and therapeutic aspect to this ‘past-time’ and one that I generally am happy with the result, none of the usual ‘perfectionism’ attitude which usually dogs me.

It’s a wonderful application to use, all you need is some modicum of sound sense, fitting tunes, tracks and samples together. Personally, I find it actually easy to create sounds which I actually like listening to. It’s an amazing achievement to spend time fiddling then being able to listen to your (loosely worded) musical creation. Being able to express your creationalism through sound rather than traditional media is very liberating.

I have purchased some of the additional Jam Pack’s which really opens up the possibilities to create pretty much any kind of tune you could want.

This is mostly layer upon layer of orchestral sounds, some subtle some not at all. Nothing complex or adventurous, but it works and works well. But I think the overall feeling is of ‘feel good’. More to come…

Download Shine On


Written by: Graham Smith: The Logo Smith
1st Posted: 2008/03/10 & Post Updated: 2012/05/06
Filed In Categories: Vintage

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