Aeroportal Font – Free Download – Ideal for Logos

Aeroportal Font has been pulled by the font designers, so it is no longer available for download.

Aeroportal Font

Found Aeroportal, a rather tasty free font, via TypeGoodness. I have not seen this font before, yet it has been around for a few years.  I have seen commercial variations of it, but when I realised it was also a free download with 3 weights, then this became even cooler. It’s ideal for logo designs, titles and certain size body text.


The round, easily legible forms of the typeface Aeroportal were inspired by European modernistic and British humanistic traditions, as well as contemporary Scandinavian design. Aeroportal expresses friendliness, simplicity and credibility, and evokes images of waves, motion and travel.
Aeroportal is primarily intended for headline and logo use, but its clear and no-nonsense form makes it suitable as a body text typeface as well.

The typeface is developed in regular, medium and bold.

  • Aeroportal Regular is the main typeface to be used for most large texts. All titles must be set in lowercase only.
  • Aeroportal Medium can be used when you in special cases need better visibility from distance. All titles must be set in lowercase only.
  • Aeroportal Bold can be used for emphasizing words or phrases. All titles must be set in lowercase only.


Download Aeroportal direct from Norway Design Manual.

There are some useful ‘use’ guidelines on the website, so I would recommend reading all the text supplied.

Download More Free Fonts via IJC

Over the last few months I have been amassing a neat collection of quality free and open source fonts for download. Some are even exclusive to ImJustCreative. So head on over to Free Fonts for a looksie.


Written by: Graham Smith: The Logo Smith
1st Posted: 2009/11/14 & Post Updated: 2016/09/26
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