A Traffikd Interviewed – Ramble on or be clinical in delivery

Last week I was asked by Steven Snell over at Traffikd and ofcourse Vandely Design, if I would mind answering a few short questions for a reader profile section he was starting. Traffikd is a relatively new Blog that Steve set up that focus’s on the Social and General Marketing aspect of Blogging and successfully networked Web Sites. Read the interview here A mini reader interview of ImJustCreative.com.

I like this site, I happened to Stumble across it (and know, I didn’t StumbleUpon it, i just literally stumbled across it the old fashioned way). Will StumbleUpon become the next Oxford English Dictionary entry like Googling? So I have been a regular reader of Traffikd and where possible, a regular contributor.

So Yes, I was asked.

Crumbs mate. Me? Now you are not talking about someone here who has immense self worth or an abundance of self confidence, so when someone ask you to do a ‘mini interview’ it really is a moment to relish. So I did.

The reason Steven is doing this series is so that he can give back to the readers who read his site. Which I think is a fabulous idea and really allows the ‘average folk’ to be ‘mini-stars’. This seems to be a natural evolution of the Top Commentators Plugin, in effect, the TCP earns you value points and you redeem the value points for a spot on front stage. And ever so cunning incentive to encourage readers to participate more with your Blog. From the horses mouth:

The reader profile is a weekly series where I attempt to give something back to one of my readers while providing some useful information for everyone. It typically includes some information about his/her online projects as well as a mini interview.

4 Questions in total for me but immediately I read them I knew that my own ability to answer them in a short manner would be nigh on impossible. For me the questions that Steve put forward were not questions you ‘could’ easily answer in a few line, if you did, you surely would not look worthy of being interviewed in the first place.

Then we get to the whole issue of would people actually be interesting in reading line after line about someone they don’t know? I’m not sure I would, but then, I don’t recall seeing interviews in general about people I don’t know or who are actually known for being ‘someone’ even if I don’t personally know. Say what?

On a side not, I have been asking Jeff over at Perishable Press some pretty lengthy questions myself for a planned ‘mega interview’. It proved that long, that we are still editing down the questions and answers. My initial thought was to break the interview in several manageable chunks, as so suggested by Top Bloggers who think Posts have a ideal copy lenght. Trust me when I say the interview with Jeff is far exceeds this ideal copy length in whole. But curiously, Jeff having his own unique writing style, does constantly deliver lengthy and informed articles and his readers expect this. So with his ideas taken on board, we have decided to create one complete interview.

Back back to me. Sitting down to answer several short questions, when in the back of your head you know you will be tapping at the keyboard hours later, make me get several headaches. NO matter how I tried to keep things short and sweet, I just couldn’t. It was all relevant information in response to some very valid questions. Even complete, I could of added a lot more, so that interview you see is me being frugal. Really.

But the process of having to sit down and really think about these questions is quite a challenge in itself as it forces you to really think about what you are doing, what you have done and what you plan to do. These were not casual questions like, “what’s your best Sunday attire?” Steven really seemed to illicit the deeper meaning of life from me.

I was ultimately quite surprised at the detail I naturally went into. It wasn’t hard to think of things to say, it was just hard to try to limit it. But bless Steve, he included the interview in full.

Thank you Steve for giving me this fun opportunity to appear on your blog.

In Conclusion: A not so mini reader profile.


Written by: Graham Smith: The Logo Smith
1st Posted: 2008/03/15 & Post Updated: 2014/05/09
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