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8 Bit Quit Smoking Advert in Arcade Breakout Style Designed by Unknown

8 Bit Pixel Quit Smoking Advert in Arcade Breakout Style Designed by Unknown

This cool Quit Smoking Advert, themed on the classic 8 bit arcade Breakout game, has been floating around for a while.

I first saw it on Reddit, and tweeted it:


Unfortunately this is one of those occasions where good intentions: to spread and share someones great work and to promote the Quit Smoking message, ends up forgetting the designer, and we are left with these images by 'unknown'.

Often a quick search on Google will provide the answers, but in this case I can't seem to find the designer responsible.

I've gone through all the Reddit comments to try and find a link, but so far nothing. It's been shared, and Pinned so many times…

If anyone knows who designed it, then please do let me know.

Recreated in A3

As the original image is quite small 499 x 666px (below), I decided to 'recreate' it as faithfully as possible (above), except to change the font to Helvetica Neue Heavy, just because…


The Quit Smoking Breakout Arcade Game

As is often the case with the Reddit community, a Reddit user: sunsetandlabrea decided to make a working game of this.

Unfortunately long gone, there is a YouTube video of the game in action…

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