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22+ Creative online portfolio sites and image hosting applications

The following is a healthy collection of 21 online portfolio websites and applications. Some are free and some are paid. We have the usual suspects in this collection and also some lesser known portfolio solutions, at least to me anyway. I spent some time trying to discover alternatives to sites like Behance and Deviant Art to provide a wider audience reach for your work.

If you are aware of any other portfolio websites not mentioned below, please do let me know. I would like to keep this as a up-to-date resource for portfolio and image hosting websites.

Additional resources

Reencoded posted an article with some great new free portfolio websites : 10 places where designers can upload and host their work for-free

Increase your reach

I love portfolio sites and I like to have a presence in all the portfolio sites I can lay my hands on. I am a firm believer in getting your work 'really' out there and not just relying on usual options. Clients can be found anywhere, I have had clients approach me after seeing my work in places I had forgot I had a portfolio up.

Keep your external portfolios fed with your best work not necessarily 'all' your work, this can help reduce the time intensive nature of keeping portfolios up-to-date. Given the majority of the online portfolio websites are totally free like CargoCollective, Behance and Coroflot; there really is no reason not to sign up and take advantage of this marketing and promotional opportunity. Even for the services that have the 'free limited plans' and the 'paid premium plans' like Carbonmade; you can make use of the free service and just be selective with the work you upload.

Invest time in really expanding your horizons and help potential clients find your work. I use most of the sites listed below in one way or another, except a couple of the 'paid only' options like DesignTaxi. Where I use the site mentioned, I have provided my own URL and status of the portfolio. Fortunately, paid only solutions are the minority, so there are plenty of free options to take advantage off.

The following list has creative logo design in mind more than any other form of design, although most of the portfolio sites are multi disciplinary. I have categorised them into 3 financial categories : 'Totally Free', 'Free and Premium' and 'Paid Only'.

Totally Free Creative Portfolios
ImJustCreative on Jobrary - Just getting started

Jobrary is a quick, simple, easy-to-use tool for creating and managing your Résumé & Portfolio.
ImJustCreative on Logopond - Almost up-to-date
ImJustCreative on CreativeBinge - Just getting started
ImJustCreative on DesignRelated -
Just getting started
ImJustCreative on Behance - Up-to-date
ImJustCreative on Coroflot - In Progress
ImJustCreative on FigDig - Just getting started
ImJustCreative on Glossom - Just getting started
ImJustCreative is on CrowdSpring but I am re-doing my portfolio
ImJustCreative on Brandstack - In Progress
ImJustCreative on Shadowness - Just getting started

Free & Premium Creative Online Portfolios
ImJustCreative on CargoCollective - In Progress
ImJustCreative on Viewbook - Just getting started
ImJustCreative on Krop - Up-to-date
ImJustCreative on DeviantArt - Up-to-date
ImJustCreative on Shown'd - In Progress
ImJustCreative on Flickr - Up-to-date
ImJustCreative on Carbonmade - Up-to-date

Invite Only Creative Portfolio

Paid Creative Portfolios

The following portfolio sites will cost you money to join and upload your logo designs. LogoLounge is worth signing up if you are a serious logo designer, likely you are someone who relies on logo design to pay your mortgage etc. If you join, your logos will automatically be considered for future LogoLounge book volumes. This is a valuable source of marketing and exposure.
ImJustCreative on DripBook - Up-to-date
ImJustCreative on DesignTaxi - Nearly up-to-date

Bonus Portfolio Website

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