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100% Comic Sans, 0% Humour – Poster

100% Comic Sans, 0% Humour Typographic Poster

100% Comic Sans, 0% Humour

A while back I knocked up a Helvetica poster called 100% Helvetica, 0% Arial – Typography Poster. A semi educational poster on the importance of using Helvetica. This is in preference to the socially destructive Arial. For laughs I then created this Comic Sans version. I'm reluctant to use the term 'typographic' in the same sentence as Comic Sans for obvious reasons.

There is a nice documentary style video circulating on the use of Comic Sans over on my Posterous blog, via


If you are into Helvetica as much as I am, then you might like my little side blog LoveHelvetica, running on the Posterous blogging platform. The theme is due for an update, but the content is still very much king. If you find anything of note, Helvetica wise, please do let me know and I can post it on Helvetica.

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