Logo Design Portfolio

Showcasing a varied selection of: Logo, Brand Identity, Rebrands & Logo Redesigns, Graphic Design; Application Icon and Typographic Design Projects.

This Portfolio Gallery, focuses on showing just the core brand logo design, on a clean white background.

This is to eliminate any other noise, or distracting visual elements, that might impede the viewing of the logo in question.

To hire The Logo Smith, who has over 25 Years Experience, for your professionaly crafted brand logo design, then you can reach out to me via the Contact page, or jump straight in, and fill in my Logo Design Brief, or you could simply email me at: glogosmith@gmail.com

To find out more about my overall logo design work process, you could read my Client FAQ page, which is a comprehensive list of each stage of a typical logo design project.

There is also a Case Studies page, which is a frequently updated collection of images showing various stages of a typical logo design project in progress.

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